What Works Best?

One of the perennial questions that comes up on my blog and probably on every blog about building new muscle is something like, “I’ve heard the ABC method of training works well, but I’ve also heard that XYZ is great too. Does anybody know which one is best?” A common variation is: “Which method would […]

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What I Learned Since Quitting

A few years ago I decided I’d had enough of the world of strength training. I’d spend nearly 20 years talking about it and investigating ways to use good reasoning, math and physics to try to make sense of what worked well and what did not work well in terms of gaining strength and muscle […]

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Rate of Improvment PF

Proof Frequent Weightlifting is Wasted Effort

Every once an awhile it’s possible to have an interesting exchange on social media. Recently I had an exchange with a smart and well-respected trainer who questioned whether infrequent training was even necessary. We went back and forth a bit and it made me realize that most people just don’t look at this issue the […]

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Are You Interested In Fast Gains?

So we’re at the stage where right now some people are completing their final workouts on the new Training Frequency Study. Their strength gains so far are quite impressive and we are accumulating the early data on how these strength gains translate to mass and size gains. The thing is, we have a disproportionate number […]

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Sisco Olympic Plate

Have You Ever Seen These Olympic Plates?

    A longtime reader sent me this photo of a plate with my name on it. Except it’s not really “my” name because I’ve never seen these before and have noting to do with their manufacture. I asked the current owner of this plate if he knew anything. He told me he is a […]

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One Set To Success

How About Doing One Set To Success?

We’re all familiar with the advice of doing a set ‘to failure.’ There’s nothing seriously wrong with that advice. The principle is that if you push yourself until you can’t perform another rep it will ensure you gave 100% effort to the exercise. But achieving 100% effort will always be unprovable. How can you know […]

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Engineered Strength Gym

Allow Me To Explain

Following our recent survey, we received tons of really useful feedback from customers. Many thanks to those who took the time to contribute. One of the things that became clear from the survey was that many people have questions about the ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM. I would like to answer the most common issues that were […]

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MASS Gain Study

Mass Gain Study Results

Is It Possible To Gain 1/4lb of Muscle Per Minute of Training? Last year we began a study to measure a few things. We wanted to know how much mass and size people could gain by performing brief, infrequent workouts. This informal study is very easy to understand. Every participant did exactly the same exercises […]

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ESG Webinar #2

Webinar #2 – Scheduling Your Workouts

In case you missed the last live webinar, the recording is now posted at this page: http://www.precisiontraining.com/webinar-2/ It’s about the challenge of finding the proper interval for scheduling your workouts. We discuss real-world examples from trainees on the Power Factor Mass Gain study.      

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How Can I Train More Often?

A few days ago a member of ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM asked a question the the member’s private Facebook group. Basically he was wanting to perform more exercise than he is now and wondering now and wondering how to integrate it into his workouts. This is a common issue that comes in two variations: 1. I’m […]

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45 Chances To Win Free 1TonHooks

As many of you know, the 1TonHooks were originally created with specifications I provided to the manufacture. There are other hooks around but they are flimsy beyond belief, they bend and they break. I don’t recommend many lifting accessories, only two in fact after all these years in the game. The fact is, hooks let […]

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