Before and (5 Hours) After Photos

I received a nice e-mail from a customer in Germany who told me he’s already gained 5 lbs of muscle in five weeks of using Train Smart.

The other reason he contacted me was to tell me about this YouTube video where a guy named Pete (who is not me) shows his same-day transformation for the camera.

Many of you know this is a pet peeve of mine and a favorite tactic of the scammers who sell miracle muscle supplements and crappy training programs using before & after photos as ‘proof’. Proof has never been so easy to fake.


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7 Responses to Before and (5 Hours) After Photos

  1. Kaustuv Bhattacharya at #

    Highly recommend the documentary bigger,stronger,faster it covers a lot of the falsehoods of the fitness industry that you’ve often discussed.

    On another note for those of us who feel spinal compression when doing military press static holds I believe you had suggested standing presses or even incline presses could be used as a substitute

    I think I might have another – adjust a low cable pulley so that it’s at waist height attach an ab sling to it and slip your arm through. Now bend your arm so it’s 90 degrees at the elbow and do a two inch lateral raise – it eliminates the need to grip anything and mimics the old nautilus lateral raise machine quite well but since it’s a standing exercise it allows you to hoist up some impressive poundages and really hit the delt complex


  2. Stephen Purvis at #

    Somewhere I have your original books you authored with John Little. I bought both versions of the explosive fitness machines. A few years ago I discovered I had severe congestive heart failure. I can walk to the bathroom and back to my den, where I spend most of my time. I have bought 2 of your ebooks. I have light dumbbells that I lift. Strangely enough, my heart function seems to be improving. My cardiologist is dumbfounded. So, my question is do you have any suggestions for me to get back in shape?

  3. David Dressler, BA, RMT at #

    That (video) is hilarious! Where can I get some chips and PhotoShop?

  4. Stephen, I’m not an MD and I have no business telling a person with congestive heart disease what exercise he can do. It seems like a minimalist approach would make sense. So ask your cardiologist if HE thinks it’s OK for you to do two or three 5-second static holds of compound movements like bench press and leg press. If you can only do one exercise make it the leg press – that’s a lot of stimulation by itself. Remember it took a long time to get sick and it takes a long time to get better so just take it easy and let your strength gradually build. Good luck and kudos for the positive attitude and determination! And listen to your cardiologist.

  5. Blackthorne at #

    @ Stephen Purvis

    Health issues like the one you mentioned, are a result of the rich western diet (or similar ones). Honest MD’s that are aware of this cause, are also aware of the solution….


  6. saeed at #

    Hi Kautuv

    I really like the idea of using the ab sling.

    What do you feel is the best start and finish positions for this.

    Do you think it is best starting with the upper arms at around the 2.45 position on the clock face and just raising the arms a 5 or 6 inches.


  7. I doesn’t matter what I feel. What matters is the numbers. Experiment with ranges to discover what delivers the highest overload to your targeted muscles. It’s a question of weight and reps per minute and what the total weight adds up to.

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