Are You Interested In Fast Gains?

So we’re at the stage where right now some people are completing their final workouts on the new Training Frequency Study. Their strength gains so far are quite impressive and we are accumulating the early data on how these strength gains translate to mass and size gains.

The thing is, we have a disproportionate number of trainees who chose the ‘Certain’ program over the ‘Fast’ program.

So we need a few more people who would like to see how much muscle mass and muscle size they can gain by doing 10 consecutive workouts using an aggressive scheduling protocol where improvement on only 3 of 6 exercises involves no change in training frequency. Each workout involves more total weight lifted at a higher intensity, although the total exertion is always three minutes of actual lifting. (6 exercises x 30 seconds each)

This new study is testing the limits of the already proven Mass Gain Study conducted over the last two years. It’s very likely to be more productive than whatever you’re doing now in the gym. In fact, so far, it’s the most productive strength, mass, and size gaining workout we’ve ever engineered.

So, if you’d like to be part of the ‘Fast’ group please visit this page for more information.



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