Are You Lifting Weights In August?

Power Factor Volume StudyIt might not strike you as such but fitness tends to be quite seasonal. January is famous for resolutions to ‘get in shape’ and the result is gyms flooded with new members intent on quickly reversing what sometimes took decades to occur.

Anyway, just as the new year is the busiest time of year in the fitness season August is the slowest month by far.

But if you are a person who doesn’t let seasonality interfere with your goals and aspirations there is something that might be of interest to you. We still need more people to participate in the Mass Gain Study that is targeted to those of you who respond to more reps with less than peak weights.

This is for you if:

– you have previous injuries that prevent you from hoisting the really heavy iron you could in the past.

– you have joint, tendon, ligament or illness issues that do the same.

– you already know you respond well to increased volume of training

Obviously, as we get older we have to find ways to generate high intensity within our limitations.

If any of that resonates with you it would be worth considering being part of this Mass Gain Study and having your next two months of workouts engineered specifically for your rate of progress and your rate of recovery.

Full details on this page:

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