It Turns Out Your Boobs Will Not Be Jealous

Muscle building quackery and misinformation is everywhere. One of the hottest products the last couple of years is the ‘muscle building’ shoes sold by several major shoe companies. Sold mostly to women, one of the advertising slogans if “your boobs will be jealous,” implying your legs will look so great other bodyparts will pale in comparison. Cute.

As usual, there are studies to bolster these claims, including one study of five people who walked 500 steps on a treadmill and were measured to generate 28% more muscle activity in their glutes and 11% more in their hamstring and calf muscles. But as reported in the New York Times, “A newer experiment presented in June at the sports medicine meeting showed that when someone walks in a rocker-style toning shoe, forces generated by the foot striking the ground move up the leg differently than if that person wears a walking shoe. But this shifting of forces had little discernible effect on muscle activation.”

And even though those numbers 28% and 11% sound good, those are increases in the minuscule muscle activity it takes to walk. Compared that to a leg press or toe press with hundreds of pounds. That’s an increase of perhaps 1,000% or more than walking. That’s how you build leg muscles, my friend.

And a Canadian study showed that after six weeks the muscles had adjusted to the different geometry of the shoes and no difference in muscle was measured. The human body is masterful at adapting. Give it a less efficient way to walk and it will find a way to adjust to it so as to not exert extra energy. The exact opposite of the claimed benefit. In the end most proponents fall back on the argument that people like the way the shoes feel and therefore will walk more often – therefore getting a benefit after all. Right.

It’s such a shame that multi-billion dollar athletic companies perpetuate and promote silly, useless tactics to build muscle. Ironically, these dumb shoes were inspired by the dumb Swiss ball exercises that also claim ridiculous muscle-building benefits due to awkwardness. All of this in the 21st century!

I’ll tell you something personal. I travel all over the world and meet many people in social situations. When they ask me what I do for a living I just say I have an internet business selling ‘information’ to customers. I don’t tell them I’m in the strength training business because I’m ashamed of the industry. It a business full of hucksters and opportunists and it goes all the way up the food chain to giant shoe manufacturers, gold standard retailers and university exercise physiology departments that never bite the hand that feeds them. Yuk.

You want more muscular legs? It’s easy to get them and it doesn’t require limping around in silly shoes.

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17 Responses to It Turns Out Your Boobs Will Not Be Jealous

  1. Keith at #

    Thanks for the inside scoop Pete.

    You are absolutely right that the percentage increase of what already is a very small amount does not add up to much at all and the body will adapt to the lowest effort level it can to preserve itself.

    Your PFW has been amazing. I have seen increases in my PI nearly every week on nearly every exercise. It gives a clear measure of the amount of weight you are lifting over time and a clear determination of what it takes to better that next time.

    Keeping on those same shoes will not increase your effort without a conscious determination to take a massive amount of increased steps.


  2. Thank you for the truth.... at #

    Thank you for the truth….

  3. charlie at #

    right on pete.

  4. Dr. Greg Driedger at #

    Hey Pete!

    Great note and great work. I recently posted that I’ve had great results in the past with static contraction and Crossfit for fitness – that was last year but I thought it might be worth posting at the time.

    This year I agreed to stop going to the gym from January – April as part of something I had to do at the time. I had a terrible time getting re-started after gaining 12 pounds of soft stuff and losing who knows how many pounds of hard-earned muscle. I was un-enthused about any and all exercise and so decided to purchase and try your PFW program.

    I have to tell you, there is no gimmick out there that will do what this program has done for me in 5-6 weeks. I’ve lost 10-12 pounds and am rock hard like I remember being before I stopped training (almost :). I’m just doing the 3 PFW workouts once/week, and throw in a very quick 7 or 12 minute Crossfit/type workout on the odd day off but nothing crazy strenuous. Just enough to get the heart rate and intensity up to fire up the furnace and fitness level.

    A few things about PFW that I love: I love that I get to try to kick my own butt the next week. I love that I have it documented – it really drives those last 30 seconds when I’m tiring out. It won’t be too long before once/week is too often as well although I’m still making great gains week to week. I love that it is as simple and basic as it gets. Lift hard and do more than you did last week – if you fail at that, get more rest. Done. I love that it’s 15 – 20 minutes in and out, warm up included. I love that although my diet is pretty pure Monday – Friday, on the weekend I can cheat and put a couple back because it’s summer. I can go to BBQ’s, eat chips and nuts and consume all the stuff you eat and drink at gatherings etc. and Monday when I get on the scale I still consistently have lost a pound or two. That’s barely training for 3 days, not being very nice to my body with alchohol and sugar, and still losing weight because my body is burning over-time from PFW training.

    I’m talking about this program with other docs I know and even got my girlfriend excited enough by my results to give it a shot this week.

    Thanks again for your perserverence and common sense.


  5. steven at #

    The biggest reason for ANY increase in muscle activity, from my experience, is that these shoes typically WEIGH A TON.

    Eventually, though, you learn to use them with less effort… and away goes the “toning.”

  6. Thank for the kind words, Greg. I appreciate all the detail you provide. You’re doing it right!

  7. rich at #

    I understand being ashamed of an industry so wrought with lies and exaggerations but I really feel you should not let it rest there.
    Try some attention getting adjectives like “accurate” or “scientific” strength training information, “with no gimmicks.”
    Just a thought.

  8. Ed at #

    The shoes have had a bit of exposure here in the UK but I’m pretty sure more in America.Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry about the -Fitness Industry-so called.Over the years I have concluded a number of things{ 1}There is always a new craze or gimmick{ 2}Lots of people will buy it -and the lies and deceptions that promote it,{3}It wont work,they will lose a lot of money and it may even worse-injure{4}A few months later a new craze or gimmick will be promoted and the same people who bought the first useless apparatus/system etc will buy that too.My conclusion-truth,reason and reality matter very little to some people and they never put themselves in-learning mode- and are thus potentially endlessly exploitable.Exactly the same scenario is observable in the wonderful world of supplements.

  9. Bingo. Well said. And you can substitute the word ‘politician’ and it’s equally true. Haha. Seems like the real money is in keeping people ignorant and unable to reason clearly.

  10. Stuart at #

    Love this post Pete.

    Just to update you, I am now up to 495 for my static hold in the bench.I can only support it for 2-3 secs so I am going to stay with this weight for another week or so. Only trouble is the Olympic barbells at Anytime Fitness here in Florida don’t have enough room on them for more plates.So I am going to head down to Home Depot and grab some chains so I can hang some plates on the ends of the bar,haha.

    I have only been at this for a month and a half, and to go from 315(which I could barely hold at the time)to a 2-3 second hold of 495 is ridiculous.
    I have always been fascinated with strength, and obsessed with the feats of the elite strongmen and powerlifters. BUT I never liked the idea of having to use steroids to get there.
    The fact that I can reach my true strength potential with your system without resorting to harming my body with a bunch of chemicals really puts a huge grin on my face.
    It must feel pretty good to know you positively benefited the lives of thousands.

    Thanks again, big guy.

  11. Brother Pete ~ I really do appreciate You! You pull NO punches my Brother. I will be visiting friends in Boise sometime before the end of the Year. Do You do any 1-1 coaching? I’d like to have a session to make sure that I’m doing things properly. It’s rather lonely out here in the SCT World. Although, I’d rather be lonely than stupid…smile. Warm regard, Millicent A.

  12. Terry at #

    Looking at the picture you provided, the only thing these shoes are good for is a twisted or broken ankle(s). Which then can prevent you from increasing muscle strength in your legs using SCT.

  13. Hi! Thanks for the encouragement. I haven’t lived in Boise for many years. Nice place to raise a family, though.

  14. Pete ~ Thanks for the reply. Do You have a recommendation for a place where I can be coached in a session of SCT here in Southern California? Pasadena to be exact? Millicent A.

  15. Millicent, I live in Southern California and could train you if you’re interested. You can email me at

  16. Mary MacNicol at #

    The stories of successes like yours, Greg, really inspire me.
    Hearing you, Pete, bearing the brunt of scorn appropriate for the greedy and deceptive is painful; you and PFW are not what they are dismissing with contempt. This is hard for them to recognize because PFW/SCT is revolutionary and obvious at the same time, something grounded in actual body physiology that has been overlooked, truly, for millennia.
    We exhaust the glycogen in the muscle, the body understands we need more muscle there, and we wait until it’s built before using that body part again and we do it efficiently and in the safe zone of muscle use, not at either end of the range of motion. It’s beautiful.
    As a chiropractic intern, I tell patients about your website frequently.
    As a student, I’ve already heard dismissive jokes from those I thought friends. They aren’t joking about me. What I offer is not what they joke about. That’s ignorance or even innocence talking.
    For PFW, there are others who’s ears are open who NEED what you offer; thank you for continuing to tell everyone about it.
    I heard about STC originally in a healing newsletter from a man now in a wheelchair for life after a car accident, who badly needed toned muscle for basic daily life but who’s muscles were so small and weak from atrophy and damage that he needed results fast and safely. STC made a huge difference in his life.
    We need to tell every doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist on the planet about PFW. And all the patients, too. And their families, and …. you get my drift!

    I type slowly so this took a long time for me to write, but I have an entire school and profession telling me that my uphill fight is a righteous one; you have us. I had to say something. What you offer is life-changing and can be life-saving. Thank you for all of your work.

  17. charlie at #

    awesome mary, what school?
    i am a DC and i think it has much more to do with the CNS the nerve than it does depleting glycogen stores.
    do you train with this?