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Before and (5 Hours) After Photos

I received a nice e-mail from a customer in Germany who told me he’s already gained 5 lbs of muscle in five weeks of using Train Smart.

The other reason he contacted me was to tell me about this YouTube video where a guy named Pete (who is not me) shows his same-day transformation for the camera.

Many of you know this is a pet peeve of mine and a favorite tactic of the scammers who sell miracle muscle supplements and crappy training programs using before & after photos as ‘proof’. Proof has never been so easy to fake.



Bargain Body Composition Testing at UCLA

DXA ScanDuring a conversation with a client during a phone consultation he told me that he has been getting discounted DXA body composition testing at UCLA’s Exercise and Metabolic Disease Research Laboratory in Los Angeles.

According to the info at the UCLA website;

“Body composition by DXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) is considered the “gold standard” for body composition testing, including total lean body mass, total fat mass and bone density. Our DXA scanner also utilizes a “CoreScan” technology that provides an accurate measure of visceral fat (similar to MRI). The exam is non-invasive and takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. In addition, DXA body composition analysis is more convenient than other well-recognized methods, such as hydrostatic weighing.”

Apparently UCLA offers these state of the art scans on Saturday mornings for only $50, which is a fantastic bargain. Having hard numbers on bone density and body composition to use as a measure of your progress is indispensable and numbers don’t get much better than what this machine can offer.

I’m passing this along to those of you living in or visiting Southern California soon. Here is the link to UCLA’s information.