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New Power Factor Endurance / Volume Study

New Power Factor Endurance / Volume StudyOne of the best things about measuring the results of people’s training is the new information that can be teased out of data.

We’ve noticed an interesting result from our ongoing Power Factor Mass Gain Study.

We’ve known for some time that there are people who say they make their best progress with lighter weights and more volume in their workouts. Some of our new data supports this.

Now we’d like to study this further and get some more meaningful inputs.

If you are a person who has your own good reasons for using less than maximum weights and/or more volume in your workouts you should take a look at this page:




Which is Better – SCT or Power Factor?

Power Factor Workout - Power, Endurance & Size editionIn the coming weeks I’ll be discussing the new Power Factor Workout – Maximum Power, Endurance and Size Gains edition in more detail. One of the most common questions I receive is “Should I be doing the Static Contraction routine or the Power Factor routine?” They both build muscle and which one you need or prefer depends on your personal situation and preferences.

Static Contraction is “the world’s fastest workout” and appeals to those who want training efficiency as a priority. The workouts are both very brief and infrequent. This new Power Factor Workout is specifically designed for people who want more volume in their training, particularly as a way to increase the endurance of their strength. It also is better for those who know from experience that they need more exercise volume in order to see gains in muscle size. This workout solves the dilemma of generating high intensity but also sustaining that intensity for a much longer duration than Static Contraction.

The chart below summarizes the major elements of both systems.

Static Contraction vs Power FactorFuture posts will discuss these elements in more detail.


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