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Truly Insane Workouts

Truly Insane Workouts

Wanna do an insane workout with me?

We’ve all seen the explosion of online and TV offers for ‘insane workouts‘. Something in pop culture seems to have created a sudden demand for extreme or insane workouts and they are all aimed at young males.

I can’t wait for this fad and the related ‘boot camp workouts’ to blow over.

Common Elements of Insane Workouts

Often these insane workouts are built around one exercise that claims to offer special results or whole-body conditioning. Push-ups are a common one as are variations of jumping squats or burpees or just swinging a 19th century kettlebell – all of them, apparently, represent insane workouts.

Who knew?

Basically, the promoters of these insane workouts want you to believe that you can cram months of muscle growth time into a few weeks by performing saturation workouts daily. These insane workouts usually require daily exercise and that’s how – they claim – you get the fast results that normally take longer.

They never talk about the added risk of serious injury because of fatigue or from the plyometric jumping that greatly multiplies shear forces on tendons, ligaments and joints. They never talk about recovery time because insane workouts are built around not giving you more than 23 hours of recovery time.

These insane workouts also never talk about progressive overload because they usually don’t provide any. When you do a push-up you lift approximately 70% of your bodyweight. After a month of insane workouts push-ups you still only lift 70% of your bodyweight. You can add volume but you never add intensity.

Apparently the insanity consists of adding more and more volume without adding increased recovery time. So they’re right about that part being insane.

It’s Insane Workouts for an Economic Recession

A hallmark of nearly all of these insane workouts is that they are sold as requiring no exercise equipment or perhaps one cheap item like a 19th century kettlebell or a colorful Swiss ball.


I think it’s because of the people who say they can’t afford a gym membership or to buy weights for their home during these hard economic times. So the savvy marketers come up with ‘insane workouts‘ that ‘don’t require any weights‘.

Never mind the inescapable truth of the physics behind creating high intensity muscular overload – just type up some screaming ad copy and tell people all they need is one of these new programs and they’ll be as fit as a US Army Ranger in 30 days. Sure.

The Dirty Secret of Insane Workouts

Here is something only insiders know about these insane workout promotions. Many of these high profile promos are nothing but lead-generation programs for nutritional supplement sales. The programs are sold at a loss or near-loss just to get the names and other information of people interested in fitness.

Then – after the insane workout has failed you – the marketers are ready to tell you about how you failed because you aren’t using their special protein or their Insane Workout Secret Formula Mass Gain tablets. Or whatever. From start to finish it’s just this year’s scheme to get your money and deliver nothing in return.

The Definition of Insane Workouts

Remember the colloquial definition of insane? “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” In my view, that’s what all these insane workouts are dishing out. Another more or less conventional workout that does not generate high intensity muscular overload, does not ensure progressive overload and does not vary the recovery time to allow for progression and new muscle to grow.

Truly an insane workout!

Their best prospect is an uninformed consumer who looks at the hype and doesn’t know the underlying principles and facts.

Train with your brain and avoid insane workouts and the chronic overtraining, injuries and wasted money that go along with them.

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Why YOU Really Need to Get Strong Right Now!

I can’t help noticing that these are difficult times. In the last year I’ve lived in four different countries and in each one – Belize, Greece, Thailand and America – people talked about how rough the economy has been.

I have seen how really debilitating it is for many people. Their mental stress is very high and they have a feeling of not being in full control of their destiny.

What the heck does this have to do with weightlifting?

Well, I can’t help you with the economy. That’s certain. But I can help you feel better physically and emotionally, and I can do it right now, today, at no cost to you.

If you’ve read my articles and e-books you know I stay away from the macho, bonehead aspects of the strength training marketplace that offer “insane” “killer” “extreme” workouts targeted to immature males of all ages who yearn for more manhood. That particular aspect of strength training is anti-science and keeps people in metaphoric caves.

But . . . there is something to be said for the self-confidence and earned self-esteem of pushing yourself past a preconceived personal limit. When you walk out of a gym after bench pressing 100 lbs more than you thought you could, and leg pressing 500 lbs more than anyone you know, there is a sense of power and mastery that goes with the accomplishment. When you do it repeatedly there is a sense of being able to overcome obstacles, of being in control, of being a strong person who can defeat adversity.

The medical benefits of peak exercise are well-known and very beneficial – reduced stress hormones, lower blood pressure and a lot more. But I’m talking about the psychological benefits of pushing your muscles to their peak output.

That is what I can help you with right now.

This is where Static Contraction training shows up as vastly different from the usual, lame workouts in fitness magazines featuring wimpy dumbbells and colorful Swiss balls or 19th century kettlebells that weigh less than a bag of groceries. I’m talking about safely lifting hundreds or even thousand of pounds and feeling the sense of power and control that gives a person. A feeling of being stronger and in better shape than you’ve ever been.

Chances are you need that feeling right now.

I’ll show you (free) how to perform three big lifts at this link that will give you the rush I’m talking about. If you can afford 30 bucks you can get a full body workout here that will make you stronger in 2011 than you’ve ever been in your life. Male or female, young or old, you can achieve your peak strength now. I guarantee it. If you already know all about SCT, take a friend to the gym and show him or her how powerful they really can be.

This won’t fix the global economy but it will make you feel like you’re strong enough to handle the challenge. Seriously. All of us reading this are “little people” on the world stage. We can’t change the world but we can change our ability to cope with the world with a sense of confidence, strength and mastery. You owe it to yourself and to your family to get strong now.

Is there a single good argument to NOT do it?

Train with your brain,