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45 Chances To Win Free 1TonHooks

As many of you know, the 1TonHooks were originally created with specifications I provided to the manufacture. There are other hooks around but they are flimsy beyond belief, they bend and they break.

I don’t recommend many lifting accessories, only two in fact after all these years in the game.

The fact is, hooks let you lift more weight for more reps and jack up your total intensity from the first day they arrive in the mail. They just plain work as advertised.

Anyway, the hooks are still made to my original specification and the new ownership of the company that makes them is ramping up their marketing.

To get help spreading the word they are running a social media giveaway this month. The way the raffle works is that you can earn up to 45 points toward winning. Every point gives you a shot at winning.

There are no strings on the promotion. Somebody will win a FREE pair of hooks and FREE shipping anywhere in the world.


1TonHooks Free Giveaway


Lift 98% More Weight With Your PayPal Account

Shrug Using Lifting HooksMy friend Dave over at 1-Ton Hooks told me that he updated his ancient website and among the improvements is the fact that they now take PayPal payments.

Most of you already know that I highly recommend using lifting hooks for the proven reason that anyone who uses them can lift more weight. I’ve personally tested this hundreds of times. We did it with strangers in a gym and they lifted 98% more total weight per set and that penciled out to 62% more intensity. What more can you ask for?

Can you imagine imagine standing in front of a lat pulldown machine, swallowing one pill and having it immediately enable you to lift twice the weight per set and blast your intensity upwards by 62%? Would you ever do that exercise without the pill? Neither would I.

And it doesn’t matter how you train; Static Contraction, Power Factor, none of the above – lifting hooks always improve your results!

Anyway, Dave told me that people are buying at an incredible 4 to 1 ratio using PayPal over other methods. That was a shock, so I’m passing the news along to those of you who like to buy via PayPal because apparently there are a lot of you.

Read about the gym test here.