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Our Biggest News In 10 Years

Engineered Strength GymWe have some big news. News I think is a game changer in strength training.

Late last year we started working with some trainees to measure the results of their workouts. In the course of doing that it became apparent that most people just don’t optimize their workouts and consequently they get less than ideal results from their training.

For the last six months I’ve been developing a system so that the variables in training are controlled. Briefly, the two critical elements most trainees are overlooking is finding the correct training frequency to ensure recovery and progress and getting the most intensity from each exercise.

Basically, people use a hit and miss approach to both.

That explains why so many people don’t really make meaningful progress month after month. In fact, it’s much more common for people to not make progress than it is to make progress. That’s a sad state of affairs.

So I am hugely excited to announce that these issues are now solved thanks to the new ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM.

Visit this page and take a look at how muscle-building progress can now be guaranteed thanks to unprecedented analysis, granularity and specificity of the important variables that have, until now, been pretty much invisible to all trainees.


Want To Try Static Contraction?

Static Contraction StudyWe are beginning a new study using Static Contraction.

If you have never tried training this way the study can be an opportunity to have your workouts engineered as you progress so you experience optimum results. This study uses six specific exercises chosen for their potential to add mass and size as efficiently as possible.

The study involves performing eight to ten workouts over approximately 60 days. Each workout is analyzed and new goals are created based upon your individual progress on each exercise. This is a careful, measured approach designed to make every workout as productive as possible. In addition to providing important data to further the science of training it also provides trainees with an excellent introduction to engineered workouts.

If you have any interest in participating and having your personal workouts optimized, you can read more about it here: XXX




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