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SCT: The New Anti Aging Treatment

Type in anti-aging in a search engine and over 42 million search results pop up. Most of these surround creams, drugs and other lotions and magic potions to help you keep from getting old. But how many of these products really work?  My guess is that if there were actually any products that helped you to stop aging, you’d see and hear about that product on the nightly news and in every health magazine in the world. It would be highly touted by everyone and the buzz would be overwhelming! But since I haven’t heard anything about a product like this, my guess is that no one has been able to come up with the magic formula to help us turn back time.

The way I see it, externally there are 3 major factors which determine how old someone looks. I’m not talking about what happens inside someone’s body; I’m just referring to the external signs of aging. As we get older, our hair thins out and turns gray. Our skin becomes less elastic, starts thinning and gets wrinkles. In addition to wrinkles, the skin also can become discolored and develop age spots. The last external sign of getting older is a change in body composition as we gain fat, lose muscle and become less flexible.

There is currently billions of dollars being spent on research and development to find a cure for hair loss. There are a lot of very smart people trying to find a way for us to keep our thick manes on our heads. The one who does find a way of keeping our hair follicles from falling out and turning gray will literally become a billionaire overnight.

There is even more money being spent on finding a way to erase wrinkles and turn back the time on our skin. The one who finds a cure to make skin look like it did in our younger days will even make more money that the person who finds the hair follicle cure.

So what about the third area? What do we do about body composition? Well, we all know that we need to exercise and eat healthy to keep our body fat levels in check. So what about preventing muscle loss?

Everyone loses muscle as we get older. This can be from a variety of factors but muscle loss as a result of aging is called sarcopenia and the process starts in the 6th decade. According to a study done by Abate, et al. published in 2007, by the 8th decade of life muscle mass attains a value that is 40% less than that in the 2nd decade of life(1). There are many factors that cause sarcopenia but primarily it is driven by motor neuron death along with cell death(2). During the aging process the number of muscle fibers as well as the fiber size decrease. The goal is to reverse this process.

So how do we do that?

Numerous studies have shown that weight training is the only way to stop or even reverse the aging process in muscles. The problem becomes that as we age, our joints give us a hard time also and doing a full range repetition not only becomes difficult but can be dangerous. How often do you see people in their 60’s or older pushing heavy weights on a bench press? Or a leg press? Or lifting any type of serious weight in the gym for that matter?

Static contraction training has been used by many of our trainees over 50 years old for several years now. Due to the range of motion being limited to only the muscles’ strongest range, SCT provides a safe alternate to traditional weight training. With the progressive increase of weights, it also provides a very structured and efficient program to reverse muscle loss and increase strength. This has shown an extraordinary potential for rehabilitation of the loss of muscle strength and function, which can in turn arrest this one aspect of aging and improve the quality of life for the elderly.

SCT is also not just for the elderly as it works for all age groups, from the elderly to the young teenager. It’s crucial to build muscle mass from as early as possible because the more muscle mass we have to begin with prior to sarcopenia setting in, the better off we will be.

Aging is inevitable. Getting old is not. You can age gracefully without getting old if you start training smart. SCT should be a part of your routine to build and maintain muscular strength. A healthy diet, cardio exercise and daily stretching will keep your heart strong, your body fat levels down and your joints limber. That should cover one of the physical aspects of aging. As far as the hair and skin are concerned…….well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone becomes an overnight billionaire soon!


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True: Magic Pill Delivers 98% More Weight Lifted Per Set

One dose - double your strength.

One dose - double your strength.

Suppose I could tell you about a pill I personally tested on myself and on people in a gym and, after taking the pill one time, they could immediately lift 98% more weight per set. It really happened.

The Truth

We tested using the lat pulldown. First we had the subjects do a complete set of pulldowns to failure. Then we gave them one pill for the first time ever and they immediately repeated the exercise. The total weight they lifted on the second set was 98% more than the first set. To calculate their total weight we multiplied the weight they were using – the same weight on both sets – by the number of times they lifted it in their full-range of motion. So if a person lifted 100 lbs fifteen times his total weight was 1,500 lbs.

On the first set the subjects averaged a total weight of 3.35 tons. Then they took their normal rest interval – popped the magic pill for the first time ever – and immediately lifted the same weight for their second set. The second sets averaged 6.64 tons which is a 98% increase in total weight.

But it gets better. They did not take 98% more time to lift that weight. That means that their all-important intensity numbers went up too. How much? Their intensity of output increased a whopping 62 percent. That translates to extra muscle growth stimulation.

Taking this pill one time increased both their Alpha and Beta strength intensity. No other pill can match that claim or anything close to it. (Maybe PCP could but it has many side effects, including prison time.)

Also this pill has no artificial ingredients, it can be used by anyone including pregnant and lactating women provided their physician approves weightlifting in general. It also has zero side effects other than the fact that using it can become slightly psychologically addictive. Also, it does not need to be taken daily. You only need to take it one minute before you perform your exercise.

What would a bottle of these pills be worth to you?

The Whole Truth

All of the above results really did happen and the facts are correct except for one thing. This was not actually a pill. It was a pair of special lifting hooks. The test subjects simply did their normal lat pulldown exercise then used these lifting hooks for their second set.

The bodybuilding and weightlifting world (and to be fair, a big portion of the rest of the world) has been so conditioned to thinking that supplements and drugs are the quick fix for health goals that they overlook the better answers that are right in front of them. My friends who have read my articles for years realize by now that I’m talking about the special hooks my friend Dave started making for my customers nearly ten years ago. Most people never hear about solutions like this because I (and Dave) can tell you first hand that there is very little money in it. While the nutritional supplement stores have trouble keeping the shelves stocked with hot-selling crap-du-jure, it’s hard to even find lifting hooks and most of those are junk. The market for well made, high capacity hooks is infinitesimal compared to bodybuilding supplements.

But look at those results? Can you imagine if a nutritional supplement could make the same claim as these hooks? One application and you immediately see virtually double the strength? Haha! The pill would be on CNN and every gym would sell it to you as you came through the door! Kiosks would be in every mall. You’d get ten spam e-mails a day about how the pills are available at a discount from Mexico.

But hooks that have no side effects, allergy risks or need monthly re-billing of your credit card? Yawn. And where’s the big money in it? So they keep the news quiet and tell people who want to improve their results that they need some crappy supplement. No thanks.

The Only Bad News

I was talking to Dave, who lives and works in Canada, earlier this week and he told me he’s getting killed with the exchange on the US dollar. When he started making the hooks for my customers a US dollar brought him $1.53 Canadian. Now the dollars are at par. His small company basically makes the hooks as a favor to me and my customers so he keeps making them but he told me he’s going to have to raise the price again because he’s losing money on them. I asked him to hold off on the price increase until I can give a heads up to the people on my mailing list. This is the heads up.

Everyone has muscle strength they never tap into because their grip strength gives out before their lats, traps and spinal erectors do. Honestly, this is a no-brainer. You open the box and your workouts improve immediately.

Here is the link. Act quickly to avoid the price increase.

Note: If you are NOT doing workouts where you can measure your intensity on every exercise, please read this.

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