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Personally, I don’t like doing anything blindly. I like facts and numbers and measurement and comparisons so I can make intelligent choices about what I’m doing. So recently I asked a group of volunteer trainees to participate in an experiment to determine what variations in workouts delivered the best results.

We tested common variations in sets and reps such as one, two and three sets to failure. We tested the effects of adding more weight for each set. We tested the effects of reducing weight but adding more reps on each set. And we tested a couple of other variations too.

I’ll be honest – these findings blew me away.

What we discovered was pretty astounding. Some exercise variations never score the top position. Those are the dumb techniques. Others can work well but they take twice the effort for a tiny improvement. Those are dumb too. Other techniques are so obviously superior that there isn’t a good reason to exercise any other way.

We tested a couple of other things too. Such as the effects on intensity of reducing the amount of weight lifted. That was also an eye-opening experience. We analyzed all of this information and put it into a special 32-page e-book called Workout Variations Revealed – What Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Frankly, it’s highly unlikely any personal trainer knows this information but if he did he certainly wouldn’t want you to know that he’s wasting your time and energy with those dumb workout variations he tells you to use.

This report is loaded with graphs, charts, analysis and all the great stuff that moves strength training toward science and away from gym lore and macho bromides.

I think you’ll really enjoy learning how this experiment was performed and what was learned from the data but the last section alone is worth the tiny investment this e-book costs. On pages 26 to 30 we show anyone how to use these techniques immediately – in your very next workout! Whether you train in a completely conventional manner or whether you train with the Power Factor or Static Contraction workouts we break down the exact ways to immediately incorporate this new information into your workouts.

This is clear, concise information any trainee at any level from absolute beginner to peak athlete can use immediately to improve his or her workouts in a measurable and sustainable manner.

What works better? 1 Set? 2 Sets? 3 Sets? Strip sets? Pyramids?

32 Info-Packed Pages Reveal Exactly What Works Don't rely on guesswork.