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I want to thank all the people who made my article on Before & After Photo Fraud the #1 most popular article on my website. And thanks to the person or persons who posted that article on Digg (something I don't really have a clue about) it is now in the #1 position at Google for 'before & after fraud'. Wow.

Since that article was such a hit I thought many of you might like to see one more article highlighting the dishonesty that abounds online from people selling the belief that fast cures come in bottles.


Question: Who's before & after teeth are these?


Cathy Anselmo?

Mandy Anselmo?

Carol Andrews?

Stacey Anderson?

Tracy Conrad?

All of the above?

If you click on the names (new windows will open) you'll discover that all these women have the same teeth, with the same lighting highlights and even the same tongue. And many of them live in the same town as your Internet Service Provider. When I was in Phoenix, some of them lived there but by the time I got to Boise they had moved there. Wow.

They all have nearly identical blogs with nearly identical fake "comments" containing the "I just ordered mine! I'm so excited!" crap engineered to reassure weak minds that they aren't getting ripped off because so many other people have purchased. Tracy523 says: I got my package in just a couple days, they seem to move pretty fast, I believe they are a pretty well established company. Oh yeah, I'm sure they're practically Proctor & Gamble - I'm certain Tracy523 is like Warren Buffet when it comes to knowing these things.

And the order process is a bit confusing for these two "free trials" so your credit card could easily end up getting hit, not for $86 every month, but for $172 every month. And good luck getting the billing sorted out with sleazy guys like these. And maybe the product is made at an underground Chinese lab and mercury is the whitening agent. There are certainly products like that in Asia. I wonder if Tracy523 looked into that? I'm sure it's fine.


OK, we've seen the diet and teeth whitening frauds. What's next? How about facial wrinkles?

Question: Who's before & after facial wrinkles are these?


Sarah Johnson?
Lisa Anderson?
Anna Richards?
Lucy Conrad?
Cara Anderson?
All of the above?

Same deal here. Just sign up for the two free trials and you'll look fantastically younger and more beautiful. All these scams; diet, teeth and wrinkles require two magical ingredients to get these miracle results. The product names vary from fake blog to fake blog but the deal is identical: monthly credit card billing in perpetuity.

Watch out for those Conrad Sisters!

Did you notice the diet scam has Jenny Conrad, the white teeth scam has Tracy Conrad and the wrinkle scam has Lucy Conrad? Right now they all live in Idaho. But they might soon be in your town so if you see these girls my advice is to grab your wallet and run the other way.

All levity aside, these are just overt and unabashed rip-offs of people who put their trust in photoshopped before & after photos. I could go on and on with more examples of wrinkles with Barbara Anderson and Jessica Howard or with Judy and Janice Walters. And there are identical scams with photoshopped cellulite before & after photos and photoshopped acne before & after photos - and who can guess what's next?

As I said in the diet article, the real crime is how this crap erodes the work of honest people who work with science and reason to find better ways to solve problems but do not resort to a blizzard of fraudulent blogs and publicity to distribute their successes. The banner ads for these scams are seen literally millions of times per day, perhaps per hour, and that alone gives people false expectations.

I love the guys like Winston Churchill who, looking into the coming world war, said to the people of Britain "I can only promise you sweat, blood, tears, and toil." He was selling freedom. With no false expectations.

Anyway, getting back to my business of Static Contraction, "I can only promise you five seconds of unprecedented muscular intensity."

Train with your brain,

P.S. Another apropos Latin quote below, if I do say so myself.

In the spirit of well-rounded self-improvement and spending fitness time wisely and efficiently, this Static Contraction article was brought to you by the Latin proverb:

Vox clamantis in deserto
"The voice of one crying in the wilderness"

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