Trouble With Nutritional Supplements

Where to begin?

I already told you about the FDA discovering lethal, undisclosed ingredients in dozens of supplements that were on store shelves and available online.

But there is more. The May 25, 2009 issue of the Los Angeles Times newspaper contained several articles that explore many of the problems in the nutritional supplement world.

Weight-loss supplements and the FDA: Talks about the industry aftermath of the FDA linking Hydroxycut to 23 known cases of liver damage (including one death), four reports of seizures and 46 reports of cardiovascular events -- from palpitations to heart attack since 2002 and the 100+ deaths caused by ephedra before it was banned.

Hydroxycut move shows limits of FDA's new powers over supplements: This article talks about how hard it is for the FDA to get products off the market when they don’t have prohibited ingredients but still cause harm.

Case study: A soldier suffers health problems after using Hydroxycut: This is not for the squeamish. Black urine?

Weight-loss supplements' ingredient mix raises safety questions: This article discusses the problem of dietary supplement makers seldom testing the safety and effectiveness of their distinctive blend of ingredients and that they frequently change the blends without safety testing.

My favorite quote in all of these articles is from State University of New York's Arthur Grollman: "…with supplements, as best we can tell, there is not a single supplement shown to have a significant beneficial effect on humans."

Caveat Emptor!

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In the spirit of well-rounded self-improvement and spending fitness time wisely and efficiently, this Static Contraction article was brought to you by the Latin proverb:

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