I saw a website that showed 30 ways to lace your shoes. It reminded me of the time people waste doing ineffective exercises because they just want variety or because they are told by "experts" to change exercises in order to "confuse" their muscles. (Confuse? Like it won't know it's contracting?)

If your hobby is creative shoe lacing I apologize for sounding like I'm trivializing your passion. My intention is only to make the point that 99.999% of us just want to put on our shoes and get going with our busy lives. Likewise, at least 99.9% of us just want to be fit and healthy and don't want to make a hobby from learning esoteric, marginally effective exercises. We want great results for the minimum of effort. We want efficiency. We want the fruits of technology. And we have better things to do with our time than mess around with silly exercises. For example, instead of learning how to do a dumbbell curl while balancing our torso on a big, colorful ball - we could use that time to improve our lives with the enduring wisdom of a Latin proverb.

In that spirit, I present several articles on the subject of rational, engineered workouts each 'sponsored' by a Latin proverb.

The theme?  

(100% guaranteed not to be Pete's voice.)



Lifting a Weight vs. the Scalpel:
Why go to risky extremes to look younger and more muscular? Read
How to Set a Personal Record on Any Exercise:
Feel that glow of measured personal achievment. Read
Tips for Effective Back Training:
Tweaks for upper/lower back and traps exercises. Read
Tips for Bigger Shoulders, Chest and Triceps:
A few proven techiques to boost your results for these muscle groups. Read
Strength Gains vs. Size Gains in Muscle:
These elements conspire to make size gains hard to achieve. Read
Do Your Last Rep First:
Perform your most demanding and productive rep only. Read
Respect for Your Intellect:
Ranking the chest exercises. Read
Hey, Pete "How often should I train?":
Be clever and distinguish yourself from the others in the gym. Read
Rational Abdominal Training:
Get results and avoid the plethora of misinformation and dumb gadgets. Read
Confidence, Strength and Mastery:
Why YOU Really Need to Get Strong Right Now! Read
Scheduling Aerobics and Static Contraction Workout:
How to mix low intensity with ultra-high intensity. Read
An Honest Look at "Light" vs "Heavy" Training:
You can’t train heavy all the time, but you can train heavy every time. Read
Discover Your Optimum Training Frequency for Huge Growth:
Workouts are worthless if you aren’t training with the right frequency Read
Are You Building Muscle? Or Just Lifting Weights?:
A true muscle-building workout is an event! Not something done by rote. Read
Three Best Exercises for Adding Muscle Fast:
These exercises let you hoist the big iron and make fast gains. Read
A Triple-exercise You've Never Heard Of:
Try this ultra-intense exercise and see if you feel the 'rush' others report. Read
Build a Bigger Upper Body in 3 Workouts:
Use these four exercises in any gym today and get bigger. Read


Are Static Contraction Training Principles Valid?:
Is SCT falsifiable and reproducible? Read
Shocking Data Reveals How to Get Stronger Much Faster:
A big lie revealed. Read
Men With Muscles Live Longer:
An astonishing study links muscles to mortality risks. Read.
How Young Can You Train?:
When can kids start lifting weights. Read
Get Maximum Gains Using a “Minimum Dosage”:
Results of a Static Contraction study of performing 2.1 workouts per week for 10 weeks. Read
How to Get a 62% Increase in Intensity:
This will give you an immediate boost on three big exercises. Read
Brief and Intense Exercise Offers Superior Results:
Three fascinating studies that show the value of higher intensity. Read
What is the Best Order of Exercises?:
 Many people wonder if the order they perform exercises makes a difference. Read
Intensity vs. Failure:
Once you realize the critical relationship of these you'll never train the same way. Read
Overheard at the Gym:
Here's how a typical demonstration goes of a Static Contraction exercise in a busy gym. Read
Your Barbaric Yawp = 12.2% More Strength:
A clinical study showed yelling boosted static contraction power. Read
12 More Fitness Medical Studies
on this page.


Pete's Public Service Message:
There is lethal danger in some nutritional supplements. Read
More Trouble With Nutritional Supplements:
A look at many other problems in the supplement world. Read
Can We Blame This On Wile E. Coyote?:
A cartoon purchase in 1954 might have made a lasting impression. Read
Before & After Photo Fraud:
If you had a product that really worked would you need to resort to these tactics to sell it? Read
More Scams and Fraud:
Beware - The scammers are adding wrinkles and white teeth to their menu. Read
Rational Abdominal Training:
Get results and avoid the plethora of misinformation and dumb gadgets. Read


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