The state of strength training is, frankly, pretty dismal.

It has been for decades. Nowhere is that more obvious than late night TV ads for fitness gadgets and from the boneheaded, macho advice and attitudes you see in commercial gyms.

Strength Training Is About Improved Health And Longevity

First of all, productive, sensible strength training offers a cornucopia of proven health benefits. Lower blood pressure, increased bone density, decreased fat, increased muscle mass, stronger joints, increased libido and on and on.

Strength training should be a serious business, like cardiology or orthopedics or dentistry. It’s about good health and living longer and – it should be – about reason and science instead of flashy marketing.

Emotion For Sale On TV

I can’t even watch the fitness ads on late night TV for more than a few minutes. It’s just embarrassing. People with fake smiles and cocaine-fueled energy bouncing around a stage and telling people that the way to transform their health is a new gadget that does 300 different (albeit low intensity and useless) exercises.

Or how their innovation makes an exercise so much easier – thereby reducing intensity enormously. Ha! That’s a well-used tactic for abdominal exercises – reducing required effort. The mind boggles.

Their approach is all emotion and virtually no reason, measurement or science.

Many just use the cult of personality to sell. “Be like ME! Look at ME, I’m so great.” You should buy this!

Goons In The Gym

Photo by John Volante on UnsplashIt isn’t much better in many gyms and on most weightlifting websites.

Open talk of (with my sincere apology in advance) ‘pencil necks,’ ‘pussies’ and ‘fags’ who aren’t hardcore enough to make serious muscle gains and don’t lift the “right” way. Blatant ridicule of decent people just trying to make nominal gains in their health and muscularity.

It’s shameful.

Here’s a personal confession. When I meet people socially and they ask me what I do, I never mention that I help people lift weights and build muscle. I just say I work online. That’s because the fitness industry – especially as it relates to strength training – is fantastically unprofessional and crude and I don’t want to be lumped in with the obnoxious goons who make the most noise.

My Quiet Success

I’ve been at this since 1992 and I’ve had some very fortunate breaks. There was a lot of publicity in magazines in the early days, Anthony Hopkins mentioned his success with my training while on Conan O’Brien and when Tony Robbins discovered Static Contraction he spent a full day with me in Idaho learning all he could. Tony told all his friends, they bought thousands of my e-books and I sold a few million dollars of ebooks and products along the way.

Now my wife and I have been traveling non-stop since our kids grew up and we live all over the world, moving to new countries every few months or so. I do work I really enjoy and because I do it in a very ‘hands on’ way it means it will always be a small operation delivered to a relative handful of people. I hope you become one of them.

ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM is only semi-automated. I look at every workout that comes through the system. I look for ways for people to make improvements. I read their annotations to their workout data and take their unique circumstances into account. I do everything I can to make sure they are successful.

All of that limits me to working with only a few hundred people worldwide. In the world of fitness that’s a tiny market. But this is one of the magnificent things I love about the Internet and new technologies – the possibility of small groups of people to interact and do business together. 

What I offer could be perfect for you if:

  • you are a person who is not impressed by emotional arguments over rational arguments
  • you don’t like being spoken to like you’re an adolescent with low self-esteem issues
  • you recognize the inane, macho crap that passes for training advice in gyms and online as useless
  • honesty and accountability mean more to you than energetic hype and fad popularity
  • you appreciate the value of objective measurement, trackable progress and scientific reasoning

If that resonates with you and sounds like something you want to be part of, I invite you to join the relative handful of people whom I can personally assist. Start Here.

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