A few months ago Alan over at NewGrip sent me a pair of prototype gloves made specifically for Static Contraction and Power Factor trainees who get strong enough to hoist the big iron. They have double the thickness of their other hand pads and they incorporate wrist support. I loved them and asked if they could go into production and offer them to my customers.

They did. And here they are.

The folks who fiddle around with 10-lb dumbbells and 50-lb barbells really don’t need these. These are for anybody who has ever worked his way up to hoisting 300 or 400 or more pounds and has felt the pain and wear and tear on their hands as a result. Most people are not even aware of how pain limits their ability to lift heavier weights. (In fact, it’s often the only reason they can’t lift 300-400 pounds.)

When you try these grips you immediately experience what pain-free, almost effortless lifting feels like. It’s hard to explain but your focus suddenly changes to only what your muscles are feeling instead of what your palms and fingers are feeling. And when you’re doing Power Factor workouts these pads practically guarantee extra reps.

Longtime readers know I don’t recommend every gadget and accessory under he sun. In fact, these hand pads and these lifting hooks are the only two legitimate tools I tell everyone to get. And for very similar reasons, one guarantees you can push more and one guarantees you can pull more. I’ve tested this and I know it for a fact. Both of them deliver higher objective numbers on the first day you use them. What else does that? There’s no pill, no energy drink, no protein powder that gives you a boost like that on Day One and never goes away, workout after workout.

That’s my best advice and I could look anyone in the eye and tell them so. Have a great workout.

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