Have You Developed Your Own Diet/Training System?

Over the years there have been many hundreds of thousands of people on this mailing list.

At any given time there are tens of thousands.

And I know for certain that many of you have been creating your own tweaks and improvements to your training.

Some of you must have thought about formalizing your methods into your own training system that could be sold online.

Are you one of them?

If you are, I would encourage you to think about offering your insights to a market that is eager to try new things – especially if you have an honest story of success.

As many of you already know, my wife an I operate other online businesses. The fact is, online income is better than any other form of income.

Here’s why.

What I Don’t Mention Often – Our Lifestyle

Our daughter (who has her own online income) visited us in Ireland last month. She lives in Ethiopia.

I think this website has published over 300 blog posts and none of them talk about our lifestyle.

I’m writing this in Ireland. But by the time you read it we’ll be enjoying a week in London.

Then we’ll fly to Prague and spend several weeks exploring the Czech Republic.

We’ll ride a very scenic train all day to get to Poland and spend weeks visiting some historic WWII sites where I’d like to pay my respects.

Connie really enjoys the Halloween season so we’ll spend most of October in Transylvania, Romania. (She loves Dracula’s Castle.)

We might also visit Frankenstein Castle in Germany and see the Krampus parade in Graz, Austria. (Arnold’s hometown.)

Then we’ll visit family in Canada and the US.

I only mention our lifestyle today because I know some of you are sitting on a treasure trove of fitness and exercise knowledge and many are also around retirement age like I am.   – And that means you could also make substantial online income.

There is a beautiful nexus between your knowledge, generating a durable income, and a terrific lifestyle of living on your own terms.

Have you considered this??

We’ve been at this a long time and if you want any help, we can help you with a course, a membership website, or talking privately about how to present your ideas.

Today’s technology has given the ‘little guy’ a way to get paid directly for his or her knowledge and experience.

It’s an amazing time to be alive and should not be wasted.

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  • Billy Crosbie

    Hi Pete, good to see you in Ireland (Ennis, I believe). My expertise is in nutrition rather than exercise/fitness, although I am very interested in the latter (which is how I found you in the first place!) and continually experiment.

  • Are you thinking about building an online business around your expertise?

  • Billy Crosbie

    I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. I actually earn my living as a contract computer programmer, but I’ve been fascinated by nutrition and health since about 1999, and got my diploma in Nutritional Therapy in 2013. I have not practised formally since I qualified, just helping out friends and family (and my wife and myself of course), but I keep my qualifications and insurance up to date to allow me to practice, and I help produce the newsletter for the NTOI (the Nutritional Therapists Of Ireland – the professional body representing us). I have followed Ryan Lee for a long time and have many of his products (and am an ongoing member of Freedym, the membership site he set up but has now sold on to others), but the IT work is what pays all the bills at the minute, and there is a lot of it! I am interested in setting up an online business in the health space, as I am unsure how long companies will continue to pay me to program as I get older (I’m 56 now).

  • You’re right about ageism, Billy. It’s real, especially in the tech/IT world.

    It sounds like you’re sitting on a gold mine of experience and credentials.

    The smart move is to use it in a way that makes you an income 24/7 worldwide.

    I’ve been doing that for 20 years in the health & fitness space, if you want to discuss how make a realistic plan that suits your personality and goals, here is the link:

  • Billy Crosbie

    Thanks Pete – I’m heading off on a week’s holiday this weekend, but I will book a call with you on my return.

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