My friend Chris Kent is a Jeet Kune Do instructor who has had his own martial arts school in Boise, Idaho for many years. His teacher learned the art directly, one-on-one from Bruce Lee. Chris has not only dedicated his life to learning the physical arts innovated by Lee, but also his philosophical arts.

I know that many people who are my customers are also martial artists so I’m passing on the news that Chris just released his book, Liberate Yourself, in Kindle format.

Personally, I love books like these because if I can find just one concept of personal improvement that resonates with me I can get a value that serves me for many years and is worth a hundred times the price of the book. This book has many nuggets of pure gold. Martial arts is about overcoming opponents, and many times the toughest opponent is ourselves.

Read more at Amazon.

(Also available in paperback, here.)


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