NYT ArticleToday’s New York Times ran an article about a study at Arizona State University that shows workouts as brief as 10 minutes done three times in a day are as good or better than a 30-minute workout of the same type.

It’s not earth shaking information but I see these studies as working toward a sort of grand unified theory of efficient, persoalized exercise that yields meaningful health benefits to the millions of people who don’t exercise at all. That’s the majority of people and it’s where the big service to humanity lies. People who love, love, love exercise are not the problem – it’s the other 95% of people.

I’m a believer that eventually the focus will shift to personal efficiency in all forms of exercise and then it will be so much easier to include one to five minute routines into more lives.

This article is another brick in the wall of designing exercise that works for everyone. The march continues.