Tell me if any of this sounds familiar. You get a membership at a gym and you enthusiastically work out almost every day for about two weeks and then you don’t feel like going as often. Then you quit going.

Or, you work out for a few weeks then you get hit with a cold or flu and have to stop exercising.

Or, neither of the above happens and you want to work out but you have soreness and stiffness that is making it too painful. So you stop exercising.

This is a universal phenomenon. It’s why a gym that can only contain 150 people at a time can have 8,000 members paying for monthly memberships. They know they can rely on people burning themselves out and losing interest.


Because nobody talks about the supreme importance of the time off in between workouts. This is your body’s recovery time. It’s the time when it builds itself back to where it was before the exertion of the workout and then adds a bit more muscle so it can handle the stress better next time. The fact is, your time out of the gym is at least as important as your time in the gym.

Can You Guess Why You Hear So Little About This?

Nobody talks about it because there is no money in it. A fitness guru can’t make money telling you to do nothing. There is no e-book, no Secret Rest Program, no new technique to sell you. There isn’t even a nutritional supplement to sell you. (But I’m sure they’ll try.)

For years I’ve joked that I should be selling a Static Contraction Hammock that provides all the rest you need. But even that isn’t necessary. Everybody already has a place to rest.

The product nobody needs. A Static Contraction hammock to ensure rest between workouts.
When you schedule enough rest outside the gym you can completely and permanently avoid overtraining and have a sustainable training program. More about that here.



  • Sergio

    True, the more time I take off between workouts days the better I feel. The thing I’m not sure on is if it’s due more rest or that I’m older now. I don’t know anyone younger, say 20’s-30’s applying this method of training. I really feel it’s good for me and I only wish that I have learn, and applied this to my training in my glory days. Maybe I wouldn’t have so many physical discomfort such as sore knees, lower back and shoulder pain.

  • StaticContrac

    Sergio, everybody needs rest between workouts. True, when you’re 20 you need less than when you’re 50 (as I can vouch) but the principle is identical: sufficient time for your body to fully recover and to grow some new muscle tissue. And young people do use Static Contraction training; see Tyler’s comment about his Olympic training on this page: