Every Workout YOU Perform Should Be Pre-Engineered for YOU

There are many elements that go into designing a productive weightlifting workout.

Every exercise has many possible combinations of weight, reps, and time that could be used. People make progress at different rates. Individual muscles recover at different rates. New muscle tissue grows at different rates.

And you need to decide personal preferences like wanting productive workouts as frequently as possible, or wanting to workout efficiently so each workout will yield the maximum benefit.

So, if you want to train scientifically and rationally, a lot of personal factors need to be taken into account simultaneously.

The process starts with deciding whether YOU prefer Steady, Efficient Gains, or the Fastest Possible Gains.


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Stop Doing Dumb Workouts

Every Day is . . . Corroboration Day

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Tips for Bigger Shoulders, Chest and Triceps

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Reporting that doesn't cut the mustard.

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What Have You Got to Gain?

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