Every Workout YOU Perform Should Be Pre-Engineered for YOU

There are many elements that go into designing a productive weightlifting workout.

Every exercise has many possible combinations of weight, reps, and time that could be used. People make progress at different rates. Individual muscles recover at different rates. New muscle tissue grows at different rates.

And you need to decide personal preferences like wanting productive workouts as frequently as possible, or wanting to workout efficiently so each workout will yield the maximum benefit.

So, if you want to train scientifically and rationally, a lot of personal factors need to be taken into account simultaneously.

The process starts with deciding whether YOU prefer Steady, Efficient Gains, or the Fastest Possible Gains.


Can your strength training be improved?

Can Your Strength Training Improve?

For many years I’ve noticed that I battle against something I call Cogniostasis. Don’t bother searching for that word in the dictionary – I made it up.

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The All-New Cinder Block Workout

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Are You Training With Valid Principles?

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This is the crane that was used to place the Toyota on the leg press. You can see how the front strap dented the fender.

About Leg Pressing the Toyota Corolla

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Train With Your Brain

Train in 4D, not 3D

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

In Case Anyone Still Believes Before/After Photos

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This is the area I used because it had old-school Hammer Strength machines. I've always liked their shrug machine because I also use it for strong-range deadlifts. Oh, the temperature and the humidity were both in the 90's. Like lifting in a sauna. Whew!

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Thai Gym A couple of days ago I did a workout at a crazy gym in Thailand. I posted a few photos on the Static Contraction Facebook page but for…
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What is Your Diet?

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