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Over a period of nearly two years we ran some studies to measure a few things. We wanted to know how much mass and size people could gain by performing brief, infrequent workouts.

This informal study is very easy to understand. Every participant did exactly the same exercises. They were divided into seven groups who performed:

  • timed sets of 30 seconds using strongest range partial reps (Power Factor principles)
  • timed sets of 60 seconds using strongest range partial reps
  • timed sets of 90 seconds using strongest range partial reps
  • timed sets of 180 seconds using strongest range partial reps
  • timed sets of 30 seconds using full range reps (Conventional training)
  • Static Contraction 5-second holds x 1 in the strongest range
  • Static Contraction 5-second holds x 3 in the strongest range

All trainees were required to perform at least 8 workouts over at least 60 days. Some took longer than 60 days but everyone did at least 8 workouts and never more than 10.

So what happened to these guys whose median age was about 50?

They made some very impressive gains. Every group displayed very significant strength, mass and size gains. One group really stood out. (see below)

We’ve reported the data in this 54-page e-book and also included the exact, illustrated workout with step-by-step instructions anyone can do in any gym in the world using the most common equipment.

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Clear charts, graphs and explanations show you everything.

MGS Preview1Median Stength

Reasons You Should Buy This Report

  • The results speak for themselves. These trainees gained mass and size at an almost freakish rate: a median of 7.2 lbs of muscle and two inches of size on combined chest and arms – from only 8.8 workouts!
  • Rather than vague hype, you can see measured results from people who did the exact workout you can do in the report.
  • This is not a crazy program that eventually burns you out from overtraining and exhaustion. In fact, it’s the opposite. The whole point of the program is to find sustainable, predictable progress any person could follow for years.
  • It works because it is logical and methodical, not because models and actors are paid to say so.
  • To me, this is the biggest reason: You’ll support honest, rational training. We all know the world of fitness and strength training is full of silly gym lore and crappy, macho training advice. Virtually nobody is offering exact measurements and clear reasoning in their training systems. By purchasing this inexpensive e-book you are giving your personal market support to someone trying to break through the noise and offer calculation and reason in a marketplace full of of juvenile hype.
  • Further studies. Depending on the response to this Mass Gain Study, there are other elements of strength training we would love to explore and study. If enough market support is forthcoming, we will do more of this and bring you more clear answers.


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