In 1992 I took a serious interest in weightlifting.

Once I learned and understood the critical role that Intensity plays in the stimulation of new muscle growth I became very focused on how to evaluate and quantify the Intensity of every exercise and workout.

I soon saw ample evidence that Intensity could not be increased without paying very close attention to Recovery.

I won’t bore you with the inch-by-inch evolution of improvements we were able to engineer over those 24+ years. But I can tell you that when you put dogmatism and gym lore to the side and use the discipline of math and physics to point the way to what delivers objective improvement in weightlifting Intensity you can make some fantastic advancements in smart training. (And please don’t just take our word for it. Here are some things others have said.)

As to what we offer today, there are three e-books you can buy that will show you everything you need to train at home or at your local gym doing  common, but effective exercises.

Static Contraction training e-book.

1. Train Smart explains the most efficient strength training ever devised. These are Static Contraction exercises that last only five seconds. An entire workout involves only 25 total seconds of effort. This method permits you to hoist the heaviest weights possible under the safest, most ideal conditions. It’s only $17 here.

Power Factor Workout - Power, Endurance & Size edition

2. Power Factor Workout explains how to objectively measure both forms of human strength; momentary and sustained. We call these Alpha Strength and Beta Strength. The particular workout is this ebook is tweaked for people who respond well to endurance training. If you are a natural distance runner, cyclist or swimmer this might be your best option. It’s only $17 here.

3. In 2013 we began an informal study with our customers to test and discover what variations in workouts would deliver better results measured by strength, mass, and size gains. The results were pretty obvious and several of our studies done over the next three years resulted in what is now called the Mass Gain Workout. You can read about the results and get the complete workout for only $12 here.

The Real Revolution

Here’s something we also discovered about measuring, calculating, and engineering individual exercises and workouts: people don’t really want to do it.

Frankly, it’s complicated. Especially when things go off track and when you have to figure out individual recovery rates from different volumes and intensities of workouts.

From this challenge our ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM was born! Basically, our members just have to do their workout and report their weights, reps, and time. From there we do all the calculations for individual goals for each exercise in the next workout and the amount of recovery time needed – all based on your own, demonstrated rates of progress and recovery.

Over the last four years the ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM has been a magnificent success delivering record results to our members, and in many cases the best results they’ve ever had in their lives, despite their median age being around 54 years.

Today, in 2020 we are using the ENGINEERED STRENGTH GYM to deliver maximally productive workouts based upon the chosen priority of each trainee.

We also offer a unique ultra-high-intensity program called the Compound Reps Workout. (You have to feel this one to believe it. Numbers don’t lie.)