Thanks to technology we are entering an era of personal health metrics.

Many health conscious people today know their HDL and LDL cholesterol numbers.

The new Apple watch tracks resting heart rate, walking rate, and the variability of your pulse.

Many tech companies are working on ways to deliver more personal metrics of our health and fitness. Great stuff.

I think you body’s ability to generate maximum power from major muscle groups is a fantastic metric to know.

I can show you how to determine your objective strength in:

  • triceps
  • pectorals
  • lats
  • trapezius
  • low back
  • quadriceps

Once you have those numbers, and know exactly how to test them again any time you want, you are equipped to monitor and track your strength health for years.

  • you can test again in six months to see evidence that your ongoing training is working
  • you can test again in a year to see whether your chronological age has affected your biological age
  • you can test again in 5 years to see if you’re still as fit as you were in terms of strength

Most of us know our height within a quarter inch. We know our weight within a half pound. And that’s just smart.

More metrics can only help fill in the picture.

I can engineer 10 workouts for you that will discover where your optimum combination of weight and reps is for six major muscle groups. That tells you your maximum power output over a specific time. It’s an objective, Newtonian, no BS measurement.

At the end of those 10 workout you’ll see you a summary of what you did. And because the exercises are basic, common ones you can do in any gym in the world, you’ll be able to test yourself again any time you want. Even ten years from now.

This is the new era of personal health and fitness knowledge.

Get these six important and valuable metrics of your muscle power here.

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  • Clyde Goldbach

    I just started the Maximum Gain exercise set. Was curious why there are 4 less exercises than Static Contraction and why those specific ones? Are those covered in the remaining 6? Will it result in an imbalance of any pf the major muscle groups?

  • Those exercises were chosen to deliver the greatest potential for mass gains. (Nobody will put 5 lbs of mass on his biceps or abs.) Also, your recovery resources are devoted to fewer exercises so that more progress can be made per workout.

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