I’ve resisted having a “links” page for over a decade of being online

As some of you might know, having a plethora of links on a website is a proven way to achieve higher search engine rankings and therefore get more visitors and make more money. That’s why you find websites with hundreds of links on them. Most of them are crap. Every website wants more visitors but I’ve never felt right about linking to sites with products or services I don’t know for a fact are excellent .

So I’ve created this “special” links page that only contains links to people I personally know and trust.


1Ton Hooks

1-Ton Hooks
In 2002 I asked my friend to make some lifting hooks for guys who hoist the really big iron and he came through with flying colors. These hooks will support a 1 ton lift! Hence the name, 1 Ton Hooks. Now they’ve added a great abdominal training aid called the SixPackStrap. I use both, but I consider the hooks mandatory for full development on three big exercises. These are not some gadget, they are a very valuable tool: Learn more.


Custom SCT/PF hand grips

Padded Hand Grips
Once you start pressing the heavy iron your hands and wrists will really appreciate some extra cushioning. One of my customers, Alan Trombetta, makes the best padded hand grips for pressing exercises. In fact, his company created custom pads specifically for Static Contraction and Power Factor trainees. They have double thickness! I’ve never seen their equal. (Yet they are still inexpensive.) Buy them and you’ll press more weight, it’s as simple as that. Lean more.

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