I've resisted having a "links" page for a decade of being online

As some of you might know, having a plethora of links on a website is a proven way to achieve higher search engine rankings and therefore get more visitors and make more money. That's why you find websites with hundreds of links on them. Most of them are crap. Every website wants more visitors but I've never felt right about linking to sites I don't really know anything about.

So I've created this "special" links page that only contains links to people I personally know and trust.

KD Industries:

I've know Dave at KD Industries for 35 years. In 2002 I asked him to make some lifting hooks for guys who hoist the really big iron and he came through in flying colors. Their hooks will support a 1 ton lift! Hence the name, 1 Ton Hooks. Now they've added a great abdominal training aid called the SixPackStrap and a forearm and grip training machine called The JackHammer. I use all of them, but I consider the hooks mandatory for full development on three exercises.

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Padded Hand Grips

Once you start pressing the heavy iron your hands and wrists will really appreciate some extra cushioning. One of my customers, Alan Trombetta, makes the best padded hand grips for pressing exercises. I've never seen their equal. (Yet they are really inexpensive.) Buy them and you'll press more weight, it's as simple as that.

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Diet and Nutrition

I don't know Will Brink personally but I've dealt with his marketing guy, Martin, for several years and I have a lot of respect for him. I get asked a lot of questions about diet and nutritional supplements, but I don't do any research on those subjects. So I went looking for a good source of honest information (really hard to find, by the way!) and found Will's e-book. I've been recommending it for over five years and I know the refund rate on it is very low so people must like what they get. Will also offers a conventional training methodolgy that is pretty much the same as everyone else's but I don't hold that against him. His big research is in cutting edge nutrition, not cutting edge training. (That's my job.) If you're looking for some good, reliable nutritional info check out his e-book.

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Digital Strength Coach

Digital Strength Coach is a website I own. It engineers and optimizes your Static Contraction workouts by using a mathematical algorithm I created. The algorithm compares your rate of increase in each exercise as it relates to your frequency of training. Digital Strength Coach identifies when your next workout should be performed and what the goal weight should be for each exercise. It’s an inexpensive tool that keeps your training productive month after month.

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