A while back I asked for people to send me their success stories so we can show what static contraction has done for our clients lives. Well Carl Davies sent me his right away and I’d like to share it. He’s a 44 year old male who injured his shoulder and tried SCT. Take it away Carl……

Hi Greg!  My name is Carl, I’m 44 years old, I started some form of weight training about 6 years ago, I had what appeared to be a rotator problem in my left shoulder from when I was 19 years old.  It had bothered me on and off over the years.  Currently I have high blood pressure, which developed about 1 ½ years ago most likely due to stressful situations then – that still seem to haunt me a bit now.

When I started exercising 6 years ago, it was with a total gym I borrowed from my sister-in-law.  I pulled out the little booklet that was included with the machine and started the first workout.  After about 20 minutes I thought I was going to throw up, so I went upstairs and took a 20 minute nap.  My oldest daughter laughed at me because I hadn’t worked out for very long.  I’m 6’1” and weighed about 180lbs then.  So I wasn’t heavy, but was obviously out of shape and did have some body fat. 

I kept using the total gym, working out for 45 minutes everyday, 6 days a week.  I also included 30 minutes of bicycling after every workout.  I saw results for the first few months, however as you’ve probably already guessed, I started to get sluggish, the results all but halted, and I made myself sick by the 4th month. 

I was very frustrated.  I then bought a universal machine and started a slightly revised approach – although the workout frequency was still too much.  Then sometime in 2006 I just kept looking on the internet for some weight training program that didn’t require buying a bunch of supplements (which I initially did at first also), would help me to reach my goals, and not take up so much time.  That’s when I found Pete’s info.  To be honest, the single hardest part of his program to get through my head, was the needed rest periods. 

The beginning of 2007 I bought free weights and a power rack.  I still struggled with cutting back on frequency but the idea of it finally stuck. 

Today, I weigh 220 lbs.  I still have body fat to lose but I understand that my eating habits play the biggest role in that.  I am stronger than I’ve ever been; my wife, family, and friends (and even my kids’ friends) quickly noticed how big and strong I am now, AND that shoulder injury has all but disappeared since using SCT. 

Like I imagine others have, I’ve run into my share of “unbelievers” regarding SCT, but the ones I’ve managed to get to try it out at my house, quickly became believers with just a few shrugs, or bench press, or a barbell curl. 

My brother-in-law is a traditional weight lifter at one of the local gyms.  I had him try the shrugs and his girlfriend told me that he complained for weeks about how sore he was after just a few holds.  He won’t lift with me anymore. Lol! 

Sorry this is a bit long, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to share.  Feel free to ask me any questions, etc. 


Thank you Carl for sharing with us. Congratulations on healing that shoulder injury and being a great inspiration!


  • Carl

    Thanks Greg, for posting my story. I’d like to provide a quick update: I have since completely adjusted my eating habits and have lost 7 lbs of body fat in the past three weeks. I’ve confirmed it’s only body fat loss because my strength and workout progress continue to improve.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Mike

    Carl, I would love to see some before and after pix. How about measurements?

  • Carl, do you have any numbers for how much muscle you gained using SCT?

  • I don’t post any before/after photos on this blog but any statistic would be welcome.

  • Carl

    Hi Mike and Pete. I’ll look through my measurement sheet from when I started, then take some measurements now, and let you all know.

  • Carl

    Good morning! Here are the basic stats since using SCT: Biceps: 1 1/2 inch increase, Forearms: 1/2 inch increase, Chest: 3 inch increase, Thighs 1 1/2 inch increase, Calves: 3/4 inch increase, and around the shoulder area: 3 inch increase.

    As I mentioned in my original note, I struggled with the facts surrounding the necessary rest required between workouts, so had I adhered more closely to Pete’s research regarding its importance, I may have experienced even more gains. For only about the past 2 years have I really properly spaced my workouts to ensure progress.

  • Those are great numbers, Carl. Three inches on your chest and 1.5 on your biceps! That’s good stuff. Any idea of what lean weight you gained and/or fat you lost?

  • Carl

    Hi Pete and thanks. Yeah, I was actually surprised at the increase in my chest when I looked at my stats. I do wish I had greater gains in my arms but that all ties into the IMPORTANCE of adding the necessary rest in between workouts. Boy I hope whoever reads these blogs takes that point to heart. Also, (and just like you’ve said all along); track and document your #s/progress.

    With regard to lean weight and/or fat loss: I didn’t do fat measurements but I still wear the same size waist pants (33 inch), and have gone from a medium to an X-large shirt size. More importantly, my weight training numbers and overall strength are more than I’ve ever experienced before in my life. My wife says I don’t need to get any stronger/bigger but I want to take it as far as my genes will allow – and I don’t have genes that are favorable for size.

  • Fantastic. And you know you gained 40 lbs so with the same pant size we can assume almost all of it was muscle. Did you gain all of it with SCT or some of it with the other training you did?

  • Carl

    Hi Pete! I had some gains prior to SCT that I mentioned in my original article above (180 lbs to 186 lbs: Total Gym then a universal machine), but the stats I provided here are all while using SCT for the past few years. To clarify again, I did drop almost 7 lbs of fat recently with a healthy eating plan, so I now weigh 213.8 lbs instead of 220 lbs – 29 lb increase while using SCT. Additionally, I also understand the probability of losing fat while gaining muscle at the same time, so total muscle gain may tip in my favor – given the facts regarding pant and shirt size.

    At the end of the day, I love this program; it’s safe, effective, doesn’t take up all of my time, and I am enjoying the results. The downside for me right now is that I have to purchase another power rack/cage because the one I currently use isn’t rated for the weight I’m working out with now. Not a bad “downside” if you ask me. 🙂