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Pete was the editor of the five-part Ironman “Ultimate” series.





In addition to a half-dozen print books, Pete has created the complete Static Contraction library.

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Here Is What People Are Saying:

Static Contraction? Hannibal Lechter ate it up “It works. It is fantastic. It’s revolutionary. It’s a fantastic way and I discovered it a few months ago.” -Actor, Anthony Hopkins talking about using static contraction on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Super Performance Coach Tony Robbins says “The cutting edge in bodybuilding [and] strength training that can show you – no matter what age you are – how you can produce the greatest result you ever thought possible in the shortest time.” -Anthony Robbins, from his “Get the Edge” program.

Fitness Magazines Have Said This:

“A thorough, productive weight workout in less than three minutes? You better believe it. Larger muscles. Stronger techniques. Fewer injuries. What more do you want?”
-Martial Arts Training Magazine

“This is truly an incredible discovery that could cause physiology books to be rewritten.”
-Ironman Magazine

“At last. A weight lifting program that builds muscle fast…in an obscenely short amount of time.”
-Martial Arts Training

“Don’t be surprised if you see substantial results in only 3 workouts. That’s how good this system is.”
-Muscular Development

Recent E-Book Customers Have Said This:

Two Inches of Ripped Muscle on Quads
“A month ago I began doing static contraction Training. I’ve gotten a lot stronger in every area. Most notably, my thighs have grown two inches in circumference while the muscles in my quadriceps developed ripped separation for the first time–and it only took two leg workouts.”
-Adam F.

By Far the Best Program Ever
“I just wanted you to know that I have been on this program now for a little over 16 weeks and it is by far the best program I have ever done. My strength has gone through the roof and I have lost over 24 lbs of body weight. I only wish I had found this years ago. To top it all of I will soon be 44 years old and I am so much stronger than I was at 20 years old. Thank you again.”
-Albert O.

Added 2 Inches to Biceps, Increased Flexibility – Bless You, Pete
“Thanks to static contraction training I have packed on a couple of inches of extra muscle on my biceps which actually makes my biceps look a lot fuller, longer and peaked and have a lot of energy left to burn. And after being harassed about flexibility, that I would have the flexibility of a pumpkin, I did a flexibility test and was better off than when I was 18. Bless you, Pete, for Power Factor and static contraction training it has changed my life from wasting time working out for hours trying to build an impressive physique, now my workouts are only 30 minutes and my body is more muscular than ever before.”
-Jaye T.

Stronger + Almost Instant Relief from Joint Pain
“I have been working out in gyms on and off for over 20 years. I have had constant aches in my joints most of that time. I now can push 140kgs [308 lbs.] doing it your way and feel really strong. I used to struggle to do 80kgs [176 lbs.] now I warm up with 80kgs and do ten reps before I do my press. I know the muscleheads down the gym do not understand this increase and don’t understand when I tell them what I’m doing once a week. I have very little joint pain now, if any. I am not doing stupid, boring reps which is a real bonus. I thought joint pain was something I was going to have for ever. Pete and team, I am positive this almost instant relief from joint pain is due to the strength training you describe.”
-Robert M

Biggest Arms Ever
“My arms are now 19 inches cold. They have never been this big. Ever.  I performed a 600 lb incline on my power rack for six reps. I’d go heavier but that’s all the weight I have right now. I never thought that I would ever run out of weight. Go figure. I would like to express my gratitude for the tremendous work and research you did in uncovering these fundamental truths.”
-John S.

Uses Full Stack on Most Machines
“First, I thank you for properly researching physiological strength training. Your program really works.  I have been a life long bodybuilder. I lift once a month. I now use full stacks on most machines…the guys freak out when they see this.  None of them do heavy legs like me, especially leg curls. I have gotten so damned strong that I am undefeated in ultimate fighting even with 220 pounders.  They all freak out, especially since I stay in the ring for hours and take all comers until they drop.  My grip, leg strength and endurance is maximized.”
-Jimmy F.

900 lbs Feels Like a Feather
“Just a note of thanks. I am up to 1,400 lbs calf raise using static contraction. So today after doing my calf raise, I lowered the weight to 900 lbs. I did a full range calf raise like it was a feather. Before starting static contraction my calf raise max was 400 lbs.  What a change, so THANKS.”
-Joseph G.

By Far the Most Effective Form of Training
“I have used many forms of training over the past 7 or 8 years but this is by far the most effective form of training I’ve done. Every time I go into the gym I am stronger than last time, and that’s an incredible feeling.”
-Haydn O.

Women Say “Pretty Buffed”
“I was at the pool the other day, and happened to take my shirt off. One of my women-friends quickly commented about me “looking pretty buffed”. My response was, “Thanks, not bad for 20 minutes a week, eh?” Your program goes against everything I’ve read and been taught, yet it really does seem to work.”
Jim I.

Up 11 lbs of Muscle, Down 5 lbs of Fat – At 62
“After 10 weeks I am 191 lbs. with a 27% bodyfat. This works out to an 11.8 lb. gain in muscle and a 5.8 lb. loss in fat. My overall average gain in strength was 71%…pretty incredible, especially for a 62-year-old man.
-Dave B.

Up 5 lbs of Muscle in 3 Workouts
“[In 3 workouts] I’ve gained 5 pounds, not bodyfat (I tested with bodyfat calipers.) My full range bench max is 175, in my second workout I used 275. I can’t wait to use 495 in a workout for the first time.”
-Matt S.

175 lb Plateau for Years, Now Lifting 450 lbs
I was lucky to bench 150 lbs in the traditional way. I generally worked out with 135 lbs (3 sets of 8). I pretty much stayed at that weight for several years. With SCT I went from 175 lbs to 450 lbs. I feel so solid. And I only do the bench once every two weeks. The only problem is maxing out the machines (not a bad problem to have). You should see the looks on the people’s faces when we load 1,000 lbs on the leg press and do a static hold…with one leg.”
-Scott M.

Skeptic Does Reps With 349.5 lbs
“I’m a huge skeptic of any weight lifting program that makes bold claims. I’m 46 years old and have lifted for years with not very good results, and now my body suffers from so many injuries it makes it even harder to gain any size or strength. I have tried many programs only to be disappointed. I started with just the bench press to see if your system really worked. I have shoulder issues and cannot do a full range bench press. I started very light until I felt confident in how my shoulder would take the load. I must say even I’m impressed. 45 days ago I struggled to unrack 175 lbs and could only do partials with 135 lbs. today I did four reps (10 seconds each) of 349.5 lbs, and did four sets of five reps partials with 201lbs. I’m telling everyone who will listen.”
-Don S.

Jack Goes From 150 to 440
“Your system works like a charm! Great stuff! I started with 150lb and now I’m at 440lb going to 450lb this weekend.”
-Jack Y.

74-year-old Sees Size and Strength Gains
“First I am 74 years old and started the program in February. I took measurements at that time and have since added 10 kg in (body) weight, plus 6.0 cm on Chest 3.5 cm on biceps and 1.5 cm on calf muscles.”
-Ivan H.

Why Not Lift a Pencil 20 Meters?
“Your methods are genius. I don’t do any full range exercises any more to get stronger. I don’t feel the need. I think the people who don’t get the results you say are possible have a belief system of following the crowd. On my last session I was deadlifting about 422 lbs, I weigh 144 lbs, and this guy came up and said that I was better of doing full range motion, so I asked him what he could deadlift in the full range, he said about 222lbs, So I said that if increasing the range and decreasing the weight would make you stronger then if he deadlifted a pencil 20 meters it would make him stronger? He laughed and said don’t be stupid.”

Max Increased 90% and 10-Rep Max Increased 30%
“I purchased your e-book about a year ago, and was a little skeptical. However after trying your work out for about 10 weeks, I gained 5 pounds of muscle, increased my max weight by as much as 90%, and increased my 10 rep weight by about 30%. Really this methodology is revolutionary, and I thank you for saying the obvious principles, many of which, would be arrived at by any freethinking person.”
-Jeremy M.

You Are The King
“Pete, I could write pages and pages on the breakthroughs and outstanding accomplishments that you’ve made and I could go on and on, however, let me just sum it all up to save both you and me the bother. LOL. YOU ARE THE KING.”
-Mike C.

Biceps Curls Go From 30 lbs to 85 lbs and Build 19″ Arms on 54-year-old
“Here is one for you. I used the Static Contraction method for my biceps. I was hammer curling 30 pounds 15 reps. After doing a 10 week static bicep work out I picked up a pair of 70-pound dumbbells and hammer curled them 15 reps! Just recently I picked up a pair of 85-pound dumbbells just to show up some young guys at the gym and hammer curled them 2 reps each! You should have seen the jaws drop. My biceps are 19″ and harder than steel when flexed. I am 6’4″, weigh 260 and am 54 years old.”
-Mark R.

Probably the Smartest Person I’ve Ever Learned From
“I’ve been reading your book and I’ve listened to your Static Contraction seminar and I have to say you’re probably the smartest person I’ve ever learned from about weightlifting. I just want to thank you for the time and effort you have put into your work. I’ve been using the Static Contraction for only two workouts and I can already see results. I can’t stop reading [your e-book], it’s just utterly brilliant. Thank you for educating me, Pete.”
-Mike D.

The Best Discovery for Me
“People tell me that you have to do lots of reps to get results. So when I mention to them that I’m lifting one heavy weight for 5 seconds then not lifting it again for a week, they look as if I’m speaking Cantonese. They just don’t understand it and are so set in believing the 3 sets of 12 myth. So this has been the best discovery for me to gain weight and lift more and feel fantastic after the workout. Thanks Pete.”
-Damien H.

Extraordinary Results
“This is wonderful! I have gained both enormous strength and built much bigger muscles. I have trained with this Train Smart program now for 10 weeks and I have gain extraordinary results in just one workout per week. And I’m still getting stronger every time. This is amazing! It gives me the body I want in the time I can afford spending in the gym. Thanks Pete.”
-Sebastian W.

In Awe of the Small Guy
“It’s amazing to see this kind of results for only one month of doing Static Contraction. Other guys at my gym were in awe seeing me do this kind of exercise with my small physique.”
-Ralph E.

Maxed Out the Leg Press
“Dude, let me tell ya, you’re a real outside the box thinker. Wow I can’t believe the change. In two weeks I grew a lot of muscle all over my body and am lifting incredibly huge amounts of weight. I am already trying to figure out how I can add more iron to the leg press as I have reached the max it can hold. Most of all I can go to all the people who told me I was crazy when I explain how this works and say “look you dumb ass it works. Ha ha ha”. More than just that, you have set an example and forced me to question other aspects of life. To seek out other ways in all subjects. Thanks Pete.”
-Bret D.

Results Simply Amazing
“Compared to full range etc the workouts were really easy and yet the results are simply amazing. Seeing the poundages increase each workout is very motivating I’m going to carry on with this training method. Well done Pete for progressing our world further than anyone in the last 30 odd years. Keep up the good work.”
-Ian S.

The Gains Are Unbelievable
“HI, I am astonished at the results of your workout. I have trained off and on since I was a teenager, now I am 36 yrs. old. I would stop from time to time due to hurting myself in my weakest range. This all makes so much sense!! I am done harming myself, trying to improve myself. A double-edged sword!! Thanks so much for stopping this seemingly never ending cycle!! And the gains are unbelievable! THANKS!”
-BJ M.

Can Now Lift a Car
“I can now say that I can lift a car thanks to your training method. Static Contraction Training gives me a natural high and just knowing I’m going to get a new record every time gets me psyched for my next workouts. I just can’t wait to see what my next lifts are going to be.  I’m so excited I can’t thank you enough. I love your training and I love how you do the science not just guesswork like most people out there. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.”
-Stevie D.

People Who Took My Static Contraction Challenge Said This:

  • Totally awesome. My strength has improved each workout. I never realized that I was capable of holding that kind of weight
  • This is amazing; people can’t believe I train naturally.
  • I’m absolutely blown away with the awesome results I have received in just three very small workouts.
  • These are the biggest gains ever for me.
  • It was very motivating. I was amazed at the amount of weight I was working with.
  • This is awesome. I feel like I have been wasting my time before this.
  • I did this workout with a friend and we had some mad gains.
  • I am pleased with the big results…I am 58 years old.
  • I just can’t believe it!! I really can’t. Thanks, Pete.
  • Simply amazing.

And this is just a very small sample of the testimonials we’ve received since 1992.


  • Patrick Joe

    I started this a while back and now all I do is maintain in a few areas that I needed to improve. I can safely do about 40 or so reps of roughly 2,000 lbs without any spotter and have been for a few years. some of the machines I max out on because there is no more weight to use. It has improved my boxing in so many ways, I can literally hit the 100 lbs heavy bags into a half bent position if I so choose to do so.

    My endurance is outstanding in everything physical and it’s mainly thanks to this, so thank you for going through with this.

  • Joe Haynes

    Thanks Pete,

    This is the 2nd time you’ve helped me out.

    Your support is #1. So is your SCT.

    In the past, with conventional training – I was always weak.
    With SCT, I’m as strong as a grizzly bear, and feel and see growth
    with every workout!

    Joe Haynes

  • Thanks, Joe. It’s an honor to have you as a customer.