The Cinder Block Workout is Literally Unbelievable

The cinder block workout will guarantee you bowling pin forearms, cannonball delts, wash-board abs, barn-door lats, python arms and pack thick slabs of beef on your scrawny, pathetic hard-gainer body! Now, for the first time ever, learn the hidden secrets of the cinder block workout used by massive Bulgarian construction workers who literally lift tons of cinder blocks day after day for years without ever going to a gym or working out at home. The cinder block workout will show you how to get the best results ever – without using any fancy equipment, critical thinking or intelligence.

How’s that for hype? (Don’t laugh too hard, people fall for it every day.)

The truth that many fitness marketers don’t want people to know or understand is building muscle is very easy. It’s dead simple, in fact. All you have to do is lift what – for you – is a heavy weight. And it doesn’t matter if the weight is a gold-plated barbell set costing a hundred grand or if it’s cinder blocks used in a cinder block workout.

More About the Cinder Block Workout

I’ve been in the strength training world a long time I am sincere when I tell you I could write The Cinder Block Workout this weekend and make tens of thousands of dollars off it very quickly. Ultimately it could make me six figures before the fad aspect ran out and people realized it was just more of the same old same old. All I would need to do is build a program of common presses, curls, plyometrics, lunges, stretches, and other moves around holding one or more cinder blocks either in your hands or fastened to straps or chains. Piece of cake.

As goofy as the Cinder Block Workout sounds, it would actually work for a lot of people, particularly early in their training. Take a guy off the sofa who hasn’t lifted anything in years and he will make early progress on almost any dumb workout. And if I also had a good way of capturing testimonials from those same people I could have a page of comments saying the Cinder Block Workout worked for them and maybe I could throw up a few before and after photos for the benefit of people who still believe those have any credibility.

The Problem With All Goofy Workouts

So if virtually every muscle-building workout will build some muscle, what difference does it make which one you do?

Well, let me ask you this: Is anything else about training important to you? Such as,

– avoiding injuries?
– getting gains month after month for years?
– having clear, meaningful metrics of your performance?
– doing shorter workouts rather than longer workouts for the same gains?
– doing fewer workouts rather than more workouts for the same gains?

Those are important criteria for most people and the Cinder Block Workout is going to fall apart on every one of them. So are all the other goofy workouts that people promote on TV and online.

Help Us Raise the Bar on Strength Training

The criteria I mention above are what moves strength training in the direction of science instead of into the gutter of marketing opportunism. I intend to address this issue more over the coming weeks because millions of people will benefit if we raise the bar on the expectations of fitness consumers to the point where they are aware of the important criteria that lay beyond the hype.

Here are two things you can do to help:

1. If you care about building muscle consistently, safely and with shorter and fewer workouts that deliver real metrics, try Static Contraction and tell us your story.

2. If you’ve already done point #1 then please spread the word by sharing this post or some of the others on this blog via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail – or all three. Thanks.


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  • Arnold Ahyuen

    Too funny. Does my Ab Workout which consist of an Ab Strap and a 2007 Honda Odyssey mini van fall in the category with the Cinder blocks?

  • Tim Reavis

    When I do Tabata training 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. I use cinder blocks for squats and lunges.

  • charlie sanders

    a great april fools a day early, lol
    however, had a teammate that helped build a college library had the hugest disproportionate triceps. i like all your points pete about what will not happen with blocks.

  • Arnold, your ab workout falls under the category of ‘desperation’. That’s what happens when gym equipment is made by Fisher Price. Haha. Keep up the good work.

  • pop

    why you don’t answer to that simple question that i ask you some days befour? ”In a STC workout the muscle fibres are getting damaged or not?”

  • Donnie Hunt

    It would be very interesting to see just how far someone could go with equipment designed specifically for SCT.

  • Tom Strong


    Not cinder block; but I have been doing a lot of work with garden block in my back and side yard, includes loading my van, carrying the blocks from my van to the back yard, digging into a slope with pick and shovel and then setting the blocks! This hasn’t made me stronger; but I do find it easier after SCT!

    Thanks Pete!

  • What do you mean by getting damaged? If you’re talking about microtears which cause the muscle to grow, yes they do. If you mean tearing a muscle so you can’t move anymore, then no.

  • charlie sanders

    what research shows this is the case of tear and repair…is this conventional wisdom really wise? is it adequately researched with sct or similar stimuli? i have felt major differences in my body with different types of workouts…when i do hi force and hi volume i feel way diff than slow or no r.o.m. and brief workouts…we are stimulating the nerve system to grow a tissue on demand, adapt. new muscle is not scar it is a highly developed tissue that like all tissue is animated and managed by the nerve supplying it. it is not necessarily an injury to workout….in my opinion and body sense. i would like to see any research showing a microtear is necessary to make increase in strength.

  • pop

    Thank you for answer my question , i realy appreciate that. Yes i’m refering about microtears. Can you tell me about that a little more, examples of studies, or same thing like: microtears in SCT vs microtears in other system of training. Thanks a lot again.

  • I have a question, Pop. How are you going to use this microtear info in your training? That is, how will you measure the tears and know that Friday’s exercise wad better than Tuesday’s exercise?

  • James

    Hi Pete

    I have a question in relation to equipment, when are you going to start manufacturing a real SCT machine, or is there already one somewhere in the world??

  • pop

    I’m a student and I want to make a study about the best system of training, I’ m traying to collect all the informations i can get. I’m not from US i am from Europe, and my english is not very good, I understend a lot more than i can write. About microtears and how I can measure that Friday’s exercise was better than Tuesday’s exercise, the ansewer i think is the amount of weight. Certainly if a workout makes microtears, the same workout with a bigger amount of weight lifted, will make more microtears.

  • Brian

    Pop, you may be interested in a study conducted by Northern Arizona University on this subject (Journal of Experimental Biology, 214;674-679,2011)

  • Interesting. Another cornerstone belief of the armchair physiologists bites the dust? (This is why I encourage people to look at the physics of strength training instead of guessing at the biology of it.)

  • charlie sanders
    scroll down to kyle article
    felt good to read that summary…good find

  • charlie sanders

    i think i will use microtear info as to avoid it….

  • pop

    Thank you Brian

  • James, stay tuned to this website for more information on the machine in the future.

  • Cory Stuart

    You had me fooled, when I made the jump from the email, I really expected to see a way to do SCT with cinderblocks. Gym equipment is expensive, and the cost to buy it seems less justifiable when SCT decreases the amount it needs to be used. Cinder block are heavy and cheap, and there’s no reason they can’t be used for SCT, gravity isn’t picky.

  • Haha. You’re right. There should be some way to build an all-purpose platform with bars that leverage it, then just load cinder blocks on it. Unfortunately, I’m no engineer. (As you can tell from my suggestion. Haha.)

  • James

    Will be waiting with bated breath…..

  • James, that’s an excellent question dude!! I’m here in East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) & gyms are inconvenient (locationwise) or expensive or both. It would be amazing to have a WELL THOUGHT OUT SCT machine that’s of high QUALITY. I’d buy one.

  • Francis Burkhart

    I bought your program in 2009. and loved it. but at that time you had an online coach. It kept track of your workouts. Is it still available?

  • That online coaching site is now at