Tips for Bigger Shoulders, Chest and Triceps

Tips for Bigger Shoulders, Chest & TricepsThese three upper body muscle groups are all a high priority for guys who want a more athletic, muscular look. Broad shoulders, a powerful chest and ‘bigger guns’ define the look of male fitness and athleticism.

I’m going to assume that you’re already doing the Static Contraction workout in Train Smart which means you are using the #1 ranked exercises for each of these muscle groups. But here are some ways to get a bit more out of them.

  • Take three deep breaths before any of these lifts. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Really fill your lungs on every breath. And as you exhale on the third breath force the weight up as you exhale.
  • If possible, give a loud yell or grunt as you lift as this has been shown to generate 12% more strength in static contraction test subjects.
  • On the bench press for chest (not for triceps) try to squeeze your pecs when you are holding the weight. If you do it right the bar will move up a fraction of an inch. Hold it in that position.
  • If you have an aptitude for distance running, cycling, martial arts or other endurance sports, try doing the Power Factor: Power, Endurance and Size workout using sets of each exercise and see if your numbers improve faster. (I know martial arts isn’t really an endurance sport but many serious practitioners have told me the Beta workouts using more volume are better for them.)
  • Get a pair of padded hand grips (enter Sisco-10 for a 10% discount). On these pushing exercises people just don’t realize how hand pain is limiting the weights they use. The day they use hand pads every weight goes up. Often way up. Alan sells these things for next to nothing. If a nutritional supplement delivered these kinds of weight increases on day one it would be constantly sold out and featured on the cover of every magazine. Using hand pads is what I call training with your brain.


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