ESG Webinar #2

In case you missed the last live webinar, the recording is now posted at this page:

It’s about the challenge of finding the proper interval for scheduling your workouts.

We discuss real-world examples from trainees on the Power Factor Mass Gain study.




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  • I wanted to say that your nutrition seminar in Power Factor Training is absolutely correct.The ratios of protein 25% carbs 60% fats 15% is spot on.Your formula for the protein needs of a natural trainer are correct! If people would weigh their food they could count their calories easier.People should stop complicating nutrition! Just eat the four food groups as you recommended. I can’t wait to get your new book Power Factor Workout. You have made a great impact on me and my body with your work. Thank you!

  • junior61

    In the Precision training (P.C.T. & S.C.T.) Peter Sisco is teaching us the most advanced ways to train. Inside the P.F.T. book teir is a seminar on caloric intake , and what percent we should be following in our meals. 25% protein, 60% carbs 15% fats.I have studied nutrition and we eat too many calories. To get your calories multiply your (bwt) by 10. The biggest problem is eating too much protein. In the P.F.T.Peter Sisco tells you the amount of protein you should ingest. Eat a balanced diet from the 4 food groups daily. Make shure they are healthy. I don’t teach people to eat organic because that is the latest fad.Don’t look for the latest diet, these diets are made to sell books,just like the magazines on fitness. I have customers in those magazines and the diets and workouts are made up.You can get a book that counts calories and shows you what foods to eat and what the portions should be.I hope have been able to help in this matter.

  • Arnold

    Me and junior work making diets for people not bodybuilders because if you take anabolics you have to eat totally different from those who are natural And We don’t recommend supplements because they don’t work, With the exception of some pre-workouts. also have gotten good results of drinking 1oz of water for every kilo of bwt.It helps clean the body of toxins and cleans your internal organs and keeps you hydrated, remember internally we are mostly water, as Peter says every day is a kidney day! Water also helps in recovery. Sorry Peter for taking some much of comment space, But we like helping people. Especially thanks to you P.F.T.has changed my life and the people we help.Remember to little calories and you can not recouperate too many calories and you get aft. Adjust your caloric intake.Thank you Peter, Junior & Arnold

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