About three months ago we started our special program of tracking people for exactly 10 workouts and then comparing several important, no-BS metrics.

The first wave of trainees are now getting their Summary of what happens when you have every exercise on every workout custom engineered for YOU and your unique rate of progress and rate of recovery – all based on your own performance data.

Here’s a real example:

Let’s look at the “worst” exercise that Thomas did; his Lat Pulldowns.

  • In 10 workouts he got strong enough to generate 83% more power.
  • His tonnage increased by 2.2 metric tonnes.

That means in a mere 30 seconds of effort he is now hoisting an additional 4,840 lbs of weight using just his lat muscles.

And each workout he did made his lats 8% stronger. (Again, this was his ‘worst’ improvement.)

These are measurements based on Physics. Total weight moved per unit of time.

There’s no way to fudge that.

Either Thomas lifted more total weight each 30 seconds or he did not. It’s not about “soreness” “pump” “feeling wasted” or “listening to your body.”

It’s about Newtonian physics and mathematics. There’s no place for hype or opinion to hide.

Overall – in only 3 minutes of total effort – Thomas is now able to lift 32 metric tonnes, or 70,400 lbs, of additional weight. That’s 6.9 Ford Taurus’s per minute – of additional power from these six muscle groups after 10 proper workouts!

And each workout moved him 16.9% closer to his genetic maximum, whatever that is. (On Thomas’s last workout he set four new personal records, so it’s obvious he has more potential for growth.)

And look at that last number.

Every day Thomas rested he got 2.2% stronger. Once you see that in black & white you understand the value of staying out of the gym until you are capable of setting six new personal records.

If you’re on my mailing list I know you are interested in smart, efficient, data-driven strength training. You owe it to yourself to do this program and see your own Summary of what you can do in a mere 10 workouts.

We still have some spaces available here: http://www.precisiontraining.com/engineered-strength-gym-3/

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  • Kevin

    That’s great tech on the statistics. Very impressive gains.

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