What If You Did 10 Workouts in a Row?

  • What if you did 10 workouts in a row and always made measurable progress?
  • What if every weight you selected was the optimum weight for doing that particular exercise today?
  • What if the number of reps you did was ideal to squeeze every ounce of power from the target muscle?
  • What if you walked into the gym on the perfect day to set all new personal records on every exercise you did?
  • What if someone tracked your personal rate of progress and then designed new goals for you based on that?
  • What if someone calculated how long you take to recover from a certain volume of intense exercise and then scheduled your workouts based on that?
  • What if you could see a graph of your exact power output on every exercise of every workout?
  • What if you could know with mathematical certainty whether every exercise on every workout was a pass or fail?
  • What if you did 10 workouts in a row and always made measurable progress?
  • Aren’t you curious to find out what would happen?

10 Workouts – Half Price

These graphs are from a real trainee on the Mass Gain Workout.

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