3 Possible Outcomes For Every ExerciseEvery workout you perform has only three possible outcomes.

It doesn’t matter if you lift kettlebells, use Nautilus machines, bodyweight exercise, barbells or anything else.

The equipment does not alter the possible outcome and neither do the exercises you do or even the way you do them.

From the time you hoist the first weight to the time you finish the last rep of your last exercise there is a process taking place that is of utmost importance to you.

That process determines the value of your workout.

It determines the final outcome of all your time and effort and there are only three ways it can go.

    1. The intensity of your exercises was lower than it was the last time you did them. This is analogous to a guy with a deep, dark tan sitting in the shade for an hour. His tan will not deepen because it’s already adequate to handle shade. And if your muscles have the power to lift a X intensity but you lift at, say, 90% of X then there is no reason for your body to build new muscle. So why do the workout? Why lift weights intended to build bigger muscles if the weights you lift aren’t enough to stimulate muscle growth? This outcome is a failure.

    2. The intensity of your exercises was the same as it was the last time you did them. Again, when your muscles operate at an intensity they can already handle there is no reason to trigger new muscle growth. Still, there can be value here. If you have already achieved what you consider to be your optimum muscularity then doing exercises at the same peak intensity will maintain your strength and muscularity. However, if you are working out to try to build new muscle then this outcome is also a failure.

    3. The intensity of your exercises was higher than it was the last time you did them. Hallelujah! This is the thing – the only thing – that can stimulate new muscle growth. This is the only outcome worth doing a workout for. Anything else is just wasting time and energy. In fact, anything else just racks up metabolic debt, saps your energy, makes you tired and delivers nothing in return. Progressive intensity is what delivers all the known benefits of resistance training. It doesn’t occur randomly or by happenstance. You have to use your smarts to make sure it happens.

This is the relentless law of reality; every time you pick up a weight in an attempt to build new muscle one of the above three outcomes will occur.

If you want to achieve the third outcome – new muscle growth – the good news is it’s possible to guarantee that will happen. It just takes intelligent planning of each workout and careful tracking of your progress. We can do that for you. You just lift the weights.

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  • Michael Curry

    I think I probably wrote down the weights wrong on some of the first workouts. I know that I have to go up at least 5 lbs each time or it want do me any good. I am being careful to count the weights now properly now.I am also trying to remember to put down the correct time. I know that this is working and have shared it with a couple of men in the gym who are also checking into it. I know it works because I can see it and feel it.

  • Ken

    Hi Pete:

    Thanks for all the great information. I have been doing SC workouts for a number of years. I was first attracted to your workouts because I had severe shoulder reconstructive surgery 7 years ago; and many of your reviews were from guys around my age(now 62) with shoulder problems. My question: How many days of rest should I take between workouts? Especially my bench, which is 335, I take off one week, sometimes 5 days between workouts. I vary workouts, either doing 1 minute intense workouts(Saturday I did 30 reps at 250 in one minute), or 4 Beta sets with each rep on a ten second hold. Is this OK?

    I appreciate your response. Ken J

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