Do you think this woman built those amazing arms and shoulders with those stupid little pink dumbbells?

I know very bright, accomplished, successful women who are scared – literally scared – to lift weights.

Somehow, some way, these women have come to believe that even a few seconds of exercising their muscles with weights will result in developing bulky, grotesque, vascular arms and legs like an androgynous champion female bodybuilder who is juiced to the gills with steroids and male hormones.

Who’s telling women these lies?

The truth is that muscles are what give women the shape and firmness they desire so much. Most women don’t want to be “fat” and they don’t want to be “skinny”. And when you think about it, “fat” and “skinny” both imply an absence of muscle.

Muscle is what makes your abs look tight and flat. Muscle is what makes your thighs look sleek and shapely. Muscle is what makes your upper arms look firm.

If that’s not enough, the amount of muscle on your body is a medical biomarker of aging. It measures your real age. As we age we lose muscle and the less you have, the older you are. One of the reasons one 50-year-old woman can look a lot younger than another 50-year-old woman is the amount of muscle she has.

The more you know about the health benefits of strength training the more you realize it’s an all-natural fountain of youth that just happens to have positive cosmetic benefits. What more could you want?

So who’s been telling women the lies about strength training making them androgynous, bulky and gross? Nothing – absolutely nothing – could be further from the truth.

Train with your brain,

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  • Merry

    Great post!

  • malik

    Pete…. you are fully correct….weight training is the best option for any irrespective of sex.

  • Yes, and also the best option irrespective of gender. 😉

  • Lori

    My personal trainer said – "When you start to bulk up and look too manly, we'll talk about decreasing the weight." Funny, I still don't look "manly".

  • ma2doc

    I want to point out that I never "HURT" after a weightlifting workout any more! I always felt sore muscles in the past. I tried the power factor approach a few years back but let myself get out of shape again. I always felt so drained after those workouts. I am soon to be 59 years old, female, with mild osteopenia. Is there any reason I should fear doing the shrugs or the dead lift? I am hoping that I am building bone. I will be rechecked in a few months. Overall I have been back doing SCT for the past 3 months and making great strides.

  • StaticContrac

    Sounds like you have a smart trainer, Lori.

  • StaticContrac

    Happy to hear you are making ‘great strides’ with SCT. What many people like most about Static Contraction is the greatly reduced wear and tear on the body because the entire workout takes 25 seconds of effort. Should you fear shrugs and deadlifts? No. They are very common exercises. Unless you have a related injury or surgery involving those areas there would be no reason to fear them. In fact, it is the heavy, weight-bearing exercises that increase bone density. So those exercises and leg presses will do the most in that regard.

  • ally

    i suffer from cervical spondolysis. lost the use of my right arm, right hip & left leg.numbness in half of my body. started training 1 & a half year ago, got better like 85%. 2 months ago had an operation put 4 plates into my cervical vertebrae. surgeon told me not to use weights ever again. was it not for static contraction training i think i wud ve been paralysed completely. cud u pls comment on this will greatly help me. thanks pete.

  • Hi Ally. The truth is I’m not medically qualified to comment on your situation. I’m really happy to hear that you credit SCT with improvement in your condition, but – if you had asked me a year and a half ago – I would have said “listen to your physician.” That said, I have heard from dozens of people afflicted with MS, arthritis and other very serious conditions who have credited SCT with permitting them to build strength in a range of motion that did not hurt and with a program that does not create the general wear and tear of typical saturation programs of multiple sets, reps and workouts every few days. I hope you continue to improve, Ally! Thank you.

  • Lisa

    I’m going to start the 30 day Quick Start. I’m excited bc it sounds genius & healthy, and won’t take all my time. I’m a pet groomer, in my 40’s now & I feel weaker than I was in my 20’s.. I need better arm strength for all that brushing & handling in my job.. plus I’m hoping for a little fat loss & more core (& overall) strength.

    Wish me luck!

  • Paula

    Hi Lisa,
    Would love to know how you are doing on this, I’m still trying to get my head around it and start it myself so any contact I have with someone whos actually putting this all into practice would be great. Thanks Paula

  • Paula

    i would love to find a trainer in my area that uses your techniques? Any suggestions?